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Fifty years, and it's come to this

It approaches 3:00 PM, and when the witching hour comes, the sales are over for the day.

Later, the teams enter the Boardroom, still wearing their respective shirts, to receive the task results. When Trump enters, he asks how things went, and Tana says it was "a lot of fun." He looks at their shirts and admires them, and asks both teams how they did. Of course, both teams think they did well. Magna is asked who did the selling, and Craig initially says, "That would be me." But when Kendra points out that they both did, he admits that's right. So then why did he say it was just him? Jerk. And: dishonest. Trump tries to start a fight by asking who sold better, and Kendra says she thinks she did, and Craig says he doesn't agree, and blah blah blah. I'm so over them sniping, because she bores me, basically, and he just plain sucks. Trump asks Alex how it went for them, and Alex said great -- he was on the street, and Tana was inside.

And now, results. George reports that Net Worth sold 33 shirts for a total of $1,147.95. As someone pointed out, that's an average of $34.78, so it appears that they may have had to cut those prices and they still only sold 33 shirts. Carolyn reports that Magna sold shirts for $25 and $35, and "tapped into the artist's fan base." They sold 101 shirts for a total of $2,705. That is not a close result, y'all. That's a righteous whomping. Trump congratulates Magna, then taunts Tana and Alex about having been winners, and now being losers. Losers! Sigh. Trump tells the teams that the teams will be buried, and after this, no more teams. But one more person will be fired from Net Worth, and then the final three will go against each other. And Kendra and Craig are going out into fighter jets to dogfight each other as their reward. No, really! He asks if either of them has a problem with airsickness, and Kendra excitedly says, "My father was a Top Gun instructor!", which forces Craig to point out that his father was in the Air Force, and I actually think it's fairly genuine when Kendra puts her hand on his arm, kind of like, "Okay, that time, I wasn't trying to one-up you, I swear." Trump tells them that they'll have a great time. Net Worth? Not so much. They'll be coming to the Boardroom later.

Later, Tana tells us that she was "devastated" at the loss. "For the first time," she says, "Tana doesn't have her happy smile on." She sits down with Alex, who tells her that in all likelihood, he'll be the one going tomorrow, with the four consecutive losses. You can tell she thinks so, too, even though she pretends to be nervous that it could go either way. Alex tells her "it's been a good ride," but he interviews that the last five tasks have been "rough." He doesn't know if "offensive weaponry" could turn things around.

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