Brad Chooses The One He Wants To Marry

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Shouldn't Have Put a Ring On It

Chris Harrison opens the limousine door, and ... it's Chantal. Judging from the look on her face, she knows there's no proposal coming. She doesn't look nervous. She approaches him while there's a voiceover of how awesome Brad is and how much she wants to be with him.

"You look amazing, you always look amazing," he says. She totally knows this is the end of the line. He starts babbling about how he felt a connection with her from the very first time, and their connection has only grown over time. Up until the time it now doesn't exist, you mean? Holy shit, just dump her already. Now he's talking about her confidence, her self-assuredness. "Here's where it gets tough," he says. "I don't know how else to say it, except I have stronger feelings for someone else." Aaaaannd... here come the waterworks. He gives her a half-hug, and then tells her that "every single thing I've said from the very beginning I've meant from the bottom of my heart" and tells her that everything they've had is very real, which, for Emily's sake, I hope isn't actually true. He's taken everything she's said to heart, but, again, it's simply a matter of him having stronger feelings for someone else. And Chantal cries as she tells him he's an amazing person and Emily's very lucky, and he thinks she's amazing too. Then there is a lot of silence and he asks if there's anything else she wants to say to him, and she says no, and he ask if he can walk her to the limo. "Do you want to talk to me?" he says, like FUCK OFF AND LET HER BE SAD WITHOUT LETTING YOU OFF THE HOOK YOU ASSHOLE. "This is a walk I didn't know if I'd have to take with you, I'm being very honest," he says, and he really should stop saying things like this. I know he thinks he's being comforting. He's not.

They hug and she gets in the limousine and she cries and I hate this part because I like Chantal. It's not like she's Michelle, whose tears I would enjoy if she were capable of feeling sadness. Chantal bawls the entire limousine ride. She tells us that this doesn't make sense, and she really thought Brad was the one. "My heart just really hurts right now," she says. Aw, Chantal, don't feel stupid now. It's too late to feel stupid now.

Anyway, Chantal safely dumped, Emily's on her way. "My entire life, I've waited for this moment," Brad tells us, and talks about the calm confidence he has, and he wants to watch her walk toward him, and he wants to stutter and stammer in the speech he makes. "To say that I'm anxious or nervous is an understatement," Emily tells us, as we watch Harrison help her out of the limousine. She can't think of a day that would change her life more than this, and she doesn't want to get her heart broken again.

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