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Anyway, Will says sometimes girls can conceal a pregnancy. Joan says everyone in high school is hiding something. Helen: "That much is clear." Joan: "Meaning what?" Helen says Joan knows what she's talking about. Joan: "Oh, I don't tell you about cheerleading, therefore I must be pregnant?" Then everyone's in on the act. Luke, through a mouthful of cereal: "Cheerleading?" Kevin: "Who's pregnant?" Helen assures them no one's pregnant. She looks at Joan: "Right?" Joan: "Mom!" Kevin: "Is Joan having sex?" Will nearly swallows his tongue. Joan makes loud sounds of exasperation as her father asks that they abandon this line of questioning. Joan says to her mother, "This is why I don't tell you anything!" She huffs out of the room. As she storms off and slams a door somewhere, everyone is quiet for a moment. Luke then asks, "Does anybody ever wonder if I'm having sex?" Hee! His mother just gives a vaguely indulgent smile and lifts her eyebrows. Kevin and Will glance at Luke, chewing in silence. Somebody better start paying attention to this kid, or he's going to be acting out like nobody's business. Joan's phone rings, and Helen finds it and turns it off.

At school, CeCe and Brianna are hanging out, and some jock named Taylor is trying to kiss CeCe while she's putting on makeup. She shoos him away. Joan wanders past and says hi to them. They greet her warmly. Brianna says, "What's up, Sparky?" CeCe says, "Cute top!" Joan feels comfortable enough to walk over to them. CeCe tells her they're making a list of the top ten baby-dumping suspects as she hands Joan her compact, which Joan accepts, puzzled. Joan wears makeup, but she doesn't seem obsessed with checking it and reapplying it all the time. CeCe: "How about Madame Marx?" Joan: "Oh, she'd only dump her baby if it wasn't chic enough. 'Mais, qu'est-ce que c'est? C'est gauche bébé! Au revoir!'" Joan makes a tossing motion. CeCe laughs, and adds, "Oh my God, do you know who seriously could have done it? Grace Polk." Brianna agrees: "She's definitely a skank. But is she the right kind of skank?" Joan says, "It couldn't have been Grace, 'cause she's not fat." Brianna and CeCe look at each other doubtfully. Joan quickly adds, "Enough." Grace isn't fat at all, and neither's Joan. If anything, Grace looks thinner than Joan to me. Whatever. The bell rings, and Brianna and CeCe scramble off, inviting Joan to get smoothies with them during eighth period. Joan waves goodbye to them, and then Grace and Adam walk slowly past her toward the school, staring at her as they go. Joan just turns away and looks somewhat dismayed.

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