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Inside the school, Grace barrels down some stairs and sees Luke at his locker. She calls out, "Hey, geek!" He has a sticker on his locker that says "BETTER BRAINS." Luke, who I thought would be thrilled to have Grace talking to him, instead is obviously too weirded out by Friedman's comments, and says, "Sorry, I can't be late for homeroom." Grace: "Okay, that's pathetic." As Luke keeps struggling with all his crap, Grace says, "Listen, I normally couldn't care less, but I think your sister needs, like, an intervention or something." Luke says his teacher counts on him to take attendance. Wow, his dweeb quotient just shot way up. Grace demands: "Is she a pod person now? Because she's, like, meeting people for smoothies." Luke closes his locker and walks along with Grace, trying to explain: "The thing is, Joan's a girl. And -- and girls do stuff like go get smoothies. Well, not all girls...just girls that are --" He sees that this explanation is not cutting much ice with Grace and he beats a hasty retreat. Grace looks annoyed but not surprised.

Joan, Brianna, and CeCe emerge from the smoothie shop yattering about cheerleading practice. They pass some guy on the street in a giant foam hot dog costume, handing out flyers. As they pass behind them, the guy says, "That doesn't look like World History, Joan." Joan stops and says, "Crap." She tells the girls to go on ahead of her; she thinks she left her phone in the shop. They leave, and Joan turns to Hot Dog God and asks, "Why are you hounding me? I'm doing the whole cheer thing. Isn't that what you wanted?" Hot Dog God: "Cute, how you think I want you to skip World History." Yeah, Joan. If there's one thing this God's into, it's your scholastic achievement. I can't wait to see Joan decide to deliberately disobey God, just to see what happens, or to turn her back completely. Or for God to tell her to do something really questionable, just to see what she does. I know it's coming. Hot Dog God tells her to help him hand out flyers. Joan explains, "Look, Brianna and CeCe don't just ask everybody to do these...pre-tryout...smoothies." Oy, Joan, if you could hear yourself. Hot Dog God: "What is it with you people? I give you very simple instructions, and boom, you're right back to false gods." Heh. So we have short attention spans. Shouldn't you have foreseen that? Joan's getting riled: "What are you talking about? I'm making friends!" Hot Dog God says she has friends. Joan: "Okay. Different friends, okay?" Hot Dog God says she means she's trying to be popular. Joan thinks it's the same difference. Hot Dog God replies, "Not exactly. Don't miss any more World History. You're just in time for the Crusades." Joan sneers, "Oh, okay, okay, like it's really good for me to hear about people butchering each other for a hundred years just because they believed in you!" Hot Dog God's parting shot: "That's not about faith; that's politics. It's sort of like the difference between friendship and popularity." He takes off. In her confusion, Joan continues handing out the flyers.

Helen's typing away at work, when she hears Joan's phone ringing in her bag beside her. Why is it in her bag? I don't know. Maybe she brought it to school meaning to give it to Joan when she saw her. She answers it, and hears, "It's Brianna! I know you found your phone, so get your butt over here before practice is over!" Helen doesn't say anything. Brianna says, "Joan?" Helen quickly hangs up. She recognizes Brianna's voice as the one on the tape -- which, to the viewer, was really obviously Brianna's voice all along. I didn't say so earlier in the recap for the sake of people who missed the show, but I thought so the first time I heard it in the birthday scene. The thing is, if she had better disguised her voice, then they would have had to figure out another way for her to be discovered. Which I suppose they could have done, but I can live with this.

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