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Will comes into one of those interrogation rooms, where Fellowes seems to have just had a meeting. Will confronts him: "You dropped the case?" Fellowes doesn't even know what he's talking about at first, but manages to remember the case. Will: "What the hell are you doing?" Fellowes: "Attempted murder seems a bit harsh in light of her efforts to inform police about the baby's location. Not to mention her age." Will's familiar with the argument, having made it himself: "But I think it would be appropriate to charge her with a lesser offense, say, child endangerment, if only to get her the help she needs." The DA says, "Girardi, she's a mixed-up kid. Anybody can see that. What's the point of treating her like a criminal?" What happened to "In this town, justice reacts swiftly when a child's life is in danger"? What happened to "baby killer"? Will is speechless.

Final tryouts. There are a few kids in the audience, including one dweeb watching the girls' asses with binoculars. Grace is in the stands, as are Luke and Friedman. Luke moves down to the row behind Grace, as the kids in the stands chant a cheer along with one of the finalists. Well, Grace doesn't chant, of course. But Luke does. Interesting. I was never the "school spirit" type, myself. I'll pause here while you retrieve your jaw from the floor. You can see why I like Grace. I am Grace, just...more femme-y. Luke's managed to get himself arranged behind Grace without her noticing him, so when he casually says, "Hey," she turns around with surprise. She gives him a contemptuous look and says nothing, turning back around. Luke says he's kind of surprised to see her there. Grace says, "Maybe I'm an incurable optimist. Maybe I think there's still hope. Maybe I think that someone won't show up." Luke: "Why do you care? I mean, empirically speaking, you wouldn't care unless you were emotionally invested..." Grace gives him a look intended to make him think twice about pursuing this line of discussion. The clouds part and the sun breaks through as Luke suddenly realizes, "You like my sister." Grace says, "First, I don't like anyone." That's a reasonably plausible denial. "In her better moments, your sister didn't make me want to puke." You know, I think it would be really interesting if both Grace and Adam were interested in Joan, and even better if Joan were actually willing to consider either of them. Throw in Luke and it makes it all delightfully complicated. Bring it on! Anyway, speaking of which, it's Joan's turn.

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