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Joan comes in, wondering who took her cell phone. Luke says, "Oh, yeah, I meant to tell you, that big, big party called last night..." Joan tells him to shut it, and asks if he took it. Her father tells her to sit down; they're eating in eight minutes. Kevin knocks a box of Cheerios down as he tries to get it out of the cupboard. Luke helps him clean it up. Joan says she's not hungry. Her father's not buying it. She says she ate last night. Her mother comes down in her nightclothes, carrying her phone: "Is this what you're looking for?" Joan asks where it was; her mother indicates Joan's bag. Will says he thought she was sleeping in today. Like she can sleep over all this racket. Luke says he'll eat later; he's meeting Friedman at the park. "We're going to try out my new Aerobie." When I first watched this, what I heard was "Arabi," as in ibn Arabi. That probably tells you a lot about me. I've never heard of an Aerobie before. I couldn't imagine what he and Friedman were planning to do with something named after a twelfth-century Sufi dude. I thought maybe it was a video game. Hey, I don't know! I'm bookish. Sue me. Kevin pleads, "Just say 'Frisbee'!" Luke sneers, "I meant 'pie plate with lame-ass drag!'" Okay, I guess I get it now. Helen: "Hey! Am I the only one noticing there's a meal about to be served here?" Will says, "Grazie, bella!" and kisses her. I like that they're letting Joe Mantegna bring the Italian. Helen lays down the law to Kevin, Luke, and Joan: "You can miss some of the game, the park will still be open in half an hour, and you are going to defy convention and be a girl who eats. Now everybody sit!" Will says he loves it when she does that. He's starting to serve food when his pager goes off. Helen: "No! What do they need you for on a Sunday?" Will shrugs.

We get an aerial shot of one of Arcadia's streets. Will meets up with Lieutenant Toni Williams, who's Daghlian's replacement. She says she wasn't sure whether this was the sort of thing her predecessor would have called him for. Will assures her it is. They look in the back of an ambulance, where paramedics are caring for a newborn baby girl. Williams says two officers found her wrapped in paper towels in the nearby dumpster. Will says whoever called 911 didn't want her to die. Williams says the caller knew enough to use a pay phone and not a cell phone. Will: "But not enough to drop a newborn off at a hospital."

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