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Back at the tryouts, they're doing this thing where one cheerleader climbs up onto the hands of another three cheerleaders, gets tossed in the air, and caught on the way down. Is that a basket toss? Probably. Poor Joan looks terrified. She was less scared when Vagrant God surprised her by the garbage. CeCe tells Joan to go, and she hesitates before running forward and climbing onto the other girls' hands. Before they can throw her, she gets right off again and says, "I can't because, brother tried this with me once in the pool and I just, I have trust issues." Brianna looks annoyed and blows her whistle. Joan looks slightly humiliated, but breathes a sigh of relief.

Lt. Williams is playing the tape for Helen and her co-worker. Her co-worker thinks it might be the new English teacher. Helen can't see why it would be her. Helen doesn't know who it is, either.

Brianna announces that the last category is "originality," and each girl has to make up a short, original Eagle cheer: "Nothing fancy, as long as you bring it, okay?" Then we see a bunch of girls in succession doing weak and/or clumsy little moves. Well, one girl isn't too bad. One forgets to hold on to her pompoms. Brianna and CeCe laugh at some of them, but not in the unkind or snotty way you'd expect TV cheerleaders to do. None of the girls is saying any cheers, though. One graceless girl in a blue T-shirt and baggy bright yellow sweat pants (and matching yellow wrist bands) finally comes out and gawks her way through "Eagles are great / So don't hesitate /! Yay!" Brianna and CeCe are definitely not impressed. Frink: "It's like the early phases of American Idol." Finally it's Joan's turn. She just kind of stands there in her dark T-shirt and track pants, punctuating her cheer with various little gestures: "Well, I can't do any stunts. No, no." (Shakes finger.) "And how about the jumps?" (Does a weak jump.) "So-so. So why am here? Well, it's really odd. But I'm here to cheer on a mission from --" (Thinks fast.) "God! So put me in the game or leave me on the bench, so you get into heaven and I'll get out of French!" She concludes with another little jump, and one of the closing poses with one hand on her hip and the other in the air. Brianna and Cece rush to the front, and kinda shoo Joan away. Cece: "Way to bring the spirit in our time of trouble!" Brianna calls the names of the girls invited back for final tryouts on Thursday. She struggles a bit with the name "Cheryl Hamada." She calls Joan next, and says quietly to Joan, "That was so Sparky Polastri. You = hilarious." Joan laughs politely and shrugs to herself as Brianna zips off to call more names.

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