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AP Chem. Ms. Lischak wanders about the room, twirling her pointer thingy and saying, "Please turn in your completed equations, along with your group's lab notes, and pick up your pre-lab for tomorrow." She approaches Grace's desk and slaps her pointer down on Grace's desk, asking what she's working on. Grace says, "My lab notes. I thought they needed some sprucing." Ms. Lischak says it's too late, and that sprucing will cost them a letter grade. I don't think I get what happened here. Joan bitches Grace out for costing them lab credit. Grace: "Well, what can I say? I guess I'm not a team player." Joan: "Did it ever occur to you that some of us might want to try and succeed?" Grace: "Can you say that with pompoms?" Joan just narrows her eyes at Grace. Adam says, "I'm gonna miss you, Jane." Joan just looks at him.

Over at the nerds' desk, Luke and Friedman are talking about barium precipitate carbonate. Glenys seems to be absent. Luke asks where she is. Friedman: "Oh, gee, I don't know -- recovering from the Girardi smackdown?" Luke said he only asked if he could think about it. Friedman says that's like saying he'd go with her to the prom unless he gets a better offer: "That ship has sailed, my friend. So if you want a partner, you know, I might be able to be convinced." Luke's under the impression that the science fair isn't for months. Friedman thinks that's barely enough time to compile data. Glancing at Grace, he says, "Unless, of course, you and Avril LeGrace over there want to try to get electricity from a potato." Luke blurts out fiercely, "You know, Grace Polk is a lot smarter than people think!" Of course, it comes out a little louder than he intended at a point when the room just happens to get quieter, so everyone hears it and looks. Luke glances over to see if Grace heard. She did, and has an unusually neutral expression on her face.

Friedman says to Luke, "I knew it. Hot for a lesbo. That's the final indicator." Of what? Being a straight male with an incredibly common fetish? Luke argues, "Who said anything about 'hot'? We're -- we're talking about science!" Friedman, with his voice all quavery like he just found out Birds of Prey was cancelled or something: "Just skip the denial, okay? You like a dyke, which means you just tested positive for the presence of gay!" What? Which is also Luke's response. Friedman moves over into Glenys's seat, saying, "I thought I knew you, man." If he were kidding, this might almost be funny, but he's not. He's really that incredibly stupid. The boy needs a stupidectomy, stat. Luke just looks pissed and confused in Friedman's direction; Friedman holds up his hand in a "don't even" gesture. God, what a dumb-ass.

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