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Bullet Points

Next thing we know, Walt is furiously knocking on Jesse's door, but if the meth hit is rockin', don't bother knocking, because nobody can hear you. In fact, Walt has to shove the door open because some passed-out fat dude is in the way. I like the continuity in junkies here. Fatty is the same guy whose mouth Jesse was throwing crumpled up hundos into; that motor-mouthed guy who isn't Badger is still monologue-ing about crazy shit. I guess it's encouraging that Skinny Pete and actual Badger don't seem to be around anymore. Maybe they went back to the meetings?? Anyway, Walt surveys the house like the horrifying crime scene that it is, and eventually finds Jesse on the stairs, buzzing some dude's hair off (he's already taken care of his own) and paying as little attention to Walt as possible. Walt finally has to drag him into the next room in order to get him to listen. He explains about the murder investigation and the fingerprints. Jesse says there's no way he left any evidence at the scene, because if he did, Hank's hard-on for him would have made sure he was picked up immediately. I'm sorry, sue me for being shallow, but I am incredibly distracted by Jesse's dead-eyed, shaved-head look, which is eighteen kinds of appealing to me, and the implications of that really freak me out. Walt decides to be thorough, so he urgently walks Jesse through every moment of Gale's murder, making him scour his memory for moments he might have slipped up -- touched a doorbell button; left behind a bullet casing. The fact that Walt doesn't realize how much it's killing Jesse to re-live that night doesn't exactly let Walt off the hook, either. He's literally shaking the answers out of Jesse, who is trying SO HARD not to remember. Finally, he breaks away from Walt, throws some more money into his den of washouts, and ... cut to Walt getting thrown out the front door by a pair of them. Not that Walt didn't deserve it, but how depressing is it that Jesse can't even muster the will to throw Walt out of his own house?

After the break, it's to the strip mall to meet with Saul. And contrary to what his demeanor has been the last few weeks, it's Saul who is calming Walt down and telling him not to worry. Walt thinks that Hank's prior knowledge of Jesse's connection to the blue meth could lead him right to Jesse as Gale's killer. Saul's like, "What's he gonna do, roll up on his in his little scooter?" He admits that might not have been so sensitive. But the point is: don't worry about it. Of course, Saul hasn't seen Jesse's current living conditions. "It's like Skid Row," Walt raves, kind of adorably old-fashioned. "He has actual hobos living there." Walt continues down the path of fucked-up directions things have gone lately, from Mike "sucker-punching" him to Gus and his box-cutter." "Let me ask you," Walt says, in all seriousness, "when did this stop being a BUSINESS? Why am I the only person capable of behaving in a professional manner? " Oh MY, Walter, have we gotten our feathers ruffled lately, huh? If the methamphetamine business can't be run with strict ethics and best practices, what business can?! Saul thinks better of responding -- best to just let Walt rant. He's feeling the pressure of trying to keep his family and Jesse safe, and of this car-wash idea that he's now committed to. Walt says Skyler is clinging to this idea that he has this neat-and-clean job where he puts on a white lab coat from 9 to 5, and when his contract is up, he'll be able to walk away from it all. "How did everything get so screwed up?" Oooh! Oooh! I know this one! Saul admits Walt does have "a little shit-creek action" happening; but, to continue his metaphor, "you can buy a paddle." In this case, that means disappearing. Off the map completely. Saul knows a guy, of course. A "disappear-er." For a substantial fee, of course. "This is an end game," Saul assures him. No coming back from it. It's a bridge too far for Walt, who never seems to opt for the choice that gets him out of the business completely. I mean, we wouldn't have a show if he did, but it's hard to ignore the pattern either. Saul brings up the fact that Jesse seems to be the top guy on the list "when it comes to imminent demise." Walt is convinced that Gus won't risk the police coming after Jesse.

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