Carpenter Street

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Carpenter Street

T'Pol and Quantum clean up the temporal mess by distributing temporal Lite Brites on various objects, including the Snake Eyes. "Let's go!" Quantum says as they leave the roof. I wonder if they'll try to take in a Red Wings game. If so, say hi to Scotty Bowman from one of his daughter's old friends.

Enterprise. Trip is still in the hallway, fiddling with the duty roster Quantum left him. Boy, he's a real procrastinator, isn't he? As Quantum and T'Pol step through the doorway, Trip looks up and asks, "Problem, sir?" T'Pol and Quantum exchange looks. "It's done," Quantum tells him. Trip's confused. Quantum comms Reed to get a security team down to the Command Center double-quick-hurry. "Wait here for Malcolm. Have everything brought to Cargo Bay Two," Quantum tells T'Pol, holding up the virus thermos. "I've gotta get this to Phlox." Trip's still confused. T'Pol invites him to come with her. She slides open the door to the Command Center and reveals three unconscious Snake Eyes and the enormous spotlight. Trip's never going to not be confused.

Detroit. It's morning, and cops scream down Carpenter Street and screech to stops next to Loomis's car. "Get outta the car!" cops yell, pulling guns. "He's on something," another cop says, opening the car door. Loomis is very confused as they make him spread 'em on his car. They pat him down. "Hey, hey, hey -- I didn't do anything," Loomis croaks. "We got a tip says you did," a cop says. "You're just lucky all six of them are still alive," a cop says, cuffing him. "Those two cops who came to my place, they offered me a deal. That's the only reason I helped them," Loomis whines. The cops say they don't know what he's talking about. "Those creatures, the lizard-people -- they're around here somewhere, you gotta find them!" Loomis says. "No problem, we'll get right on that," a cop says, forcing Loomis into a car. "Be careful," Loomis says, looking at the cop in concern. "They got ray guns." "Yeah, ray guns, got it," the cop says, and shuts the door. I got a big fat HEH out of that one. "Yep, another encounter sends one more to the booby hatch," the Evil Dr. Mathra adds. Hey, who do you think called in the tip? Quantum? T'Pol? Daniels? Someone who knew how to operate a phone, evidently.

So, I talked to the production team over at Enterprise, and since they love me soooo much, they agreed to let up on airing new episodes until I'm done with my current project in January.

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