Carpenter Street

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Carpenter Street

Trip sees Quantum off and comments that the last time Daniels gave him a ride using his temporal perks miles, he missed quite a few flights back. Quantum shows Trip a few cool gadgets that will not only assure his return but also let him take back anything he temporally tags with Lite-Brite pegs. As T'Pol meets them, wearing her hair brushed over her ears and a belted black leather jacket over slacks, Trip asks what he should tell people if they ask where T'Pol and Quantum went. Quantum's sure Trip can think of something. Tell them they're mashing in Quantum's room. Quantum hands over the duty roster and orders Trip to stay out of trouble. Whatever, buddy; the ship's run much better when Cpt. Trip's in the seat. Quantum and T'Pol walk through a doorway...right onto the streets of Detroit. Can't you just smell the burning rubber and the intense segregation? Quantum and T'Pol look around. "We just traveled ninety light years back to Earth?" T'Pol asks. "And a hundred and fifty [sic] years into the past," Quantum reminds everyone. "Forgive me if I'm not entirely convinced," T'Pol says. Quantum says she will be, and they walk across a bridge into the Detroit skyline.

T'Pol and Quantum walk down a line of parked cars as Quantum says things like, "This one has a motion-activated security system." He's scanning them with the all-purpose Blackberry Daniels gave him. They find a car that doesn't have a security system, and the All-Purpose Blackberry unlocks it. However, T'Pol finds an "apparatus [that] appears to have been designed to incapacitate the vehicle." Hee -- isn't she cute? It's a boot on the wheel. Another car yields a ferocious Doberman who quickly changes their car-jacking minds about that particular one. Finally, they luck out with a large truck. Quantum peers in the windows to make sure there's no barking death awaiting them before they break in. A few more taps on the All-Purpose Blackberry and the car starts up with the radio blaring. Quantum pushes all the stereo buttons before he silences it. How come the All-Purpose Blackberry couldn't do that? T'Pol asks Quantum if he's ever "operated a ve-hicle from this period." "I can pilot a starship," Quantum responds. Oh yeah, he's going to rack up some speeding tickets. "R-N-D-Two-Three-Four," Quantum reads off the gears. T'Pol suggests he start with two. Sure, why not? Maybe it will snow a lot in the next few minutes. Or some mountains will suddenly spring up. Quantum puts the car into gear and mutters, "Foot controls." Somehow he knows to pull the parking brake before driving. Oncoming cars flash their headlights at him. First of all, I totally called that Quantum and T'Pol wouldn't know any better than not to do that. Secondly, that's so NOT a good idea to do in Detroit. Gang members between Detroit and Chicago specifically drive with their headlights off and shoot at any oncoming cars that flash them. ["Maybe the Blackberry didn't have an urban-legends patch." -- Sars] T'Pol thinks Quantum hasn't activated his external lighting system. Quantum turns the headlights on. T'Pol navigates via her handheld device. She downloaded a map from 2002, and Quantum comments that the city layout shouldn't have changed that much in two years. They drive around scanning for the Xindi. T'Pol leans over and asks, "What's that icon?" The car's tank is on empty and flashing. Quantum tells her it's a gasoline pump and they need to get fuel. In the shot that shows the dash controls, you can totally see that the car's in "drive," not "second," as T'Pol suggested previously. T'Pol wonders where they're going to get fuel, but Quantum's more concerned with getting "U.S. currency." T'Pol thinks that might be difficult at that time of night. Do they even know what time of night it is? Quantum sees something and says, "Not necessarily." Okay, thanks.

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