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Carpenter Street

Loomis paces around his apartment. If he's feeling hungry, he can always go to the bathroom. He grabs a beer from the fridge and paces some more. Wearing his dirty shoes, he steps directly on his bed and sifts through a pile of files. You'd think he'd take better care of his stuff, since he has so little of it. He discards some files when he reads "ninth floor" or "two hundred eighty pounds." He comes across a B-negative and an AB-positive. Hey! That's my blood type! There's a knock at the door, and the camera goes through the peephole to see Quantum on the other side. Loomis goes out the window. Quantum observes this on his jacked-up Blackberry, and kicks the door in. Loomis runs down the fire escape. Quantum follows. Loomis reaches the sidewalk. T'Pol treats him to the Vulcan nerve pinch. I'm beginning to wonder if that's one of the stops in the Twelve Steps to Neural Nirvana. Poor Trip.

Quantum and T'Pol have Loomis tied up in his apartment and proceed to question him. He plays dumb for a really long time. Quantum asks if Loomis makes a habit out of climbing out his window whenever anyone comes a-visitin'. "I don't like cops," Loomis says. T'Pol and Quantum exchange looks. When Loomis denies ever being on Carpenter Street, Quantum flings away the chair he was straddling and gets in Loomis's face, saying he was there just an hour ago. You know he only sat in a chair so he could one, straddle it, and two, fling it dramatically aside. Loomis continues to play dumb and thinks it's time they find him a lawyer. Oh, is he in for a big surprise! Quantum orders T'Pol to untie him. T'Pol pauses. "You heard him -- untie me!" Loomis says. T'Pol unties him. "That's better," Loomis snots. Quantum decks him across the room and then throws him back in the chair. T'Pol reties him. "I didn't feel right doing that with you tied up," Quantum says. He's a gentlemanly brute. "Carpenter Street," Quantum repeats. "You're not allowed to hit me," Loomis whines. "Untie him again," Quantum says. Hee! T'Pol moves into action, but Loomis whines, "No, no!" and then starts talking.

He says he swears he doesn't know who "he" is, "a doctor, maybe. Says he's working on a vaccine. Experimental. He doesn't have approval or something like that." Yeah, I can imagine it's hard to get the FDA to okay your research when you have venom-dripping fangs. Loomis said he needed to bring "him" people for the research. "Does it seem logical to you that legitimate medical research would be conducted in an abandoned factory?" T'Pol asks. Heh -- subtly snarky T'Pol is good Vulcan characterization. Loomis admits that he thought about that, and just tonight it struck him that "he" might be some sort of terrorist. "But I swear, if I knew that for a fact, I never would've agreed to help him." Right. T'Pol echoes my sentiments in the eyebrow-raised, lip-curled look she gives Quantum. "In one individual, we've managed to find the worst qualities of this era: greed, violence, moral corruption," T'Pol comments. At least she didn't say "the worst qualities in humans." And she forgot "cowardice." Not fazed by T'Pol's description of him, Loomis pleads that "he" said he wasn't going to hurt anyone. When Quantum asks, Loomis says that "this doctor" found him because he works at the blood bank, and he wanted samples of every blood type in their original human packaging. T'Pol quickly thumbs through the folders on the table as Loomis says that "he" figured Loomis would have access to blood type information. T'Pol circles the louse: "Did he also 'figure' that you would have no compunctions about abducting people?" I would love to see these three play Scruples together. Quantum asks how much Loomis is getting paid. "Five thousand apiece, double for the last three," Loomis answers. T'Pol looks at Quantum in wonder and asks if that's all human life was worth in 2004. First of all, honey, you don't even know the half of it. Secondly, can T'Pol actually comprehend the currency of the time without having studied it prior to their trip? Maybe she did study it. I don't know. Maybe she's even a twenty-first century currency buff. "Buff" is a funny word. Buff, buff, buff, buff, buff. When I was a teenager with slightly excitable sebaceous (no, not Sebacean) glands, I had these things called "Buff Puffs." They tore the heck out of my skin.

You can finally see in this scene that Quantum is still maintaining a shadow not a minute over five o'clock. Good, I like the rugged handsomeness. I also like the jeans and anorak he's got going on. And while I'm not normally a violent person, I also REALLY liked how he walloped Loomis. To me, in that scene, he was much more the Man of Action than he was when he shoved Pop in the air lock. In my eyes, the air lock incident was such a passive-aggressive action, which ended in what I felt was a cop-out negating any previous aggression. The untie-punch-retie-threaten-to-punch-again was simply aggressive, to the point, and effective. Plus, it made me pump my fist and yell, "Yeah!" which I have NEVER done with Quantum unless he was Leap-ing.

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