Carpenter Street

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Carpenter Street

They arrive at the warehouse, and Loomis wheels a slumped-over Quantum in. Loomis settles Quantum in a bed with an IV and head thingies and mutters that the Xindi will come in to take blood samples every hour, and re-drug him every six hours. Loomis encourages him to do whatever he needs to do before they -- but he's interrupted by a bang of a door. "Number seven," Loomis tells the shadowed figure, who asks which blood type it is. "B-negative, you'll have AB-positive by tomorrow night, I swear," Loomis stutters. The Xindi leaves with the typical parting threat. Loomis leaves.

He gets back into his car. T'Pol is sitting on the floor in the front seat, phase pistol aimed at him, and she orders him to "engage the engine and proceed to the second location." "Nice ray gun, am I supposed to believe that thing's for real?" Heh -- "ray gun." T'Pol fires a shot at the driver's side door. "Drive," she orders. Loomis, scared by the red light he just saw, drives. He mutters about not getting his money. "Don't speak until we're out of visual range," T'Pol commands irritably.

Two Snake Eyes walk into the blood-sampling room, and one walks over to Quantum. Aren't the Xindi going to recognize him? I assume they have his poster up all over Xindiland with the words "Exterminate This Species" stamped across his face. Snake Eyes turns Quantum's head to the left in order to expose his neck and wipes his neck with a pad. I wonder if Dracula takes that precaution. As Snake Eyes turns away, Quantum does something weird with his face -- he swallows or something equally risky. Snake Eyes turns back and draws blood. Kudos to Quantum for not flinching -- I know I couldn't do that. I'd be off that table before the needle was fully primed. I'm such a wimp.

Back in Loomis's car, Loomis says, "You catch these guys and I get immunity -- right? We're not talking about copping to a lesser charge." T'Pol says they'll discuss everything when her associate gets back. Loomis argues that they better keep their word, because if her associate doesn't catch the bad guys, they're going to come after him. "You've been abducting people for money," T'Pol says, "and you're questioning our honesty?" Heh.

The Snake Eyes leave, and Quantum rips the things off his head and the IV from his hand. Ouch. I had one of those when I had my tonsils and adenoids removed in 1977 and I still have the scar. It's a creepily thin-skinned place to jam a needle. Did I mention what a wimp I am? Quantum follows the Xindi.

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