Carpenter Street

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Carpenter Street

Loomis tries to smoke a cigarette, but T'Pol doesn't let him. She's a hard-ass. Loomis puts up an argument, and T'Pol puts up her pistol to his head and says, "Now." I wonder if Quitters Anonymous has tried that tactic.

Warehouse. Quantum crawls over catwalks and observes three Snake Eyes doing something with a machine that looks like a really big searchlight.

Car. Quantum comms T'Pol, but before she answers, she takes the keys and orders Loomis to stay exactly where he is. She gets out of the car and backs into the shadows, pistol trained on the car. Quantum tells her that the Xindi brought a bio-reactor with them, and they're synthesizing a viral agent. He could tell all of that from where he's sitting? Quantum reminds her that Hellena Hand Job warned them about a bio-weapon, and this could be it. T'Pol wonders why they'd have to go back in time to do this. "Daniels said they might be hiding from someone," Quantum responds. Yeah, Earthlings. I mean, if the Xindi tried to execute these shenanigans in Quantum's time, they'd be discovered pretty damn fast. Quantum adds that they have to keep them from getting the weapon back to their time. T'Pol asks if he's in a position to disable all three Snake Eyes. "I don't know, I was thinking of trying to take out the bio-reactor but I could end up spreading whatever's in there across the entire city," Quantum responds. I like how these two have started to work together lately. He doesn't act too much like "I'm the Captain with all the orders" anymore, and they seem to be more collaborators than ranking officers. T'Pol tells him to destroy the Xindi temporal beacon so the Snake Eyes can't get back. "I've gotta find it first," Quantum says. T'Pol gives him some hints on how to modify his scanner. Meanwhile, Loomis pulls out a switchblade. He clicks it open. Why do people in movies and television shows always do that? They're just going to collapse it again so they can re-open it all dramatically when they actually plan to use it.

Warehouse. Quantum looks at his scanner and takes aim at the temporal beacon. We get a nice butt-shot of Snake Eyes's silver diaper-contraption over his purple aluminum-tubing suit. Let's not look at that too often, thanks. Quantum fires, knocking over the beacon. He fires twice more and downs one Snake Eyes. The other two Snake Eyes fire back and grab a metal tube from the center of the enormous spotlight. The metal tube looks like one of those brushed metal thermoses from Starbucks. They run away, closing a door with the number twenty-two etched on it. Hey! That's my lucky number. I swear, it's everywhere. You know, with that, the use of MY blood type, and the fact that I liked this episode, you'd think I was actually writing these. Ha ha! Quantum jumps down, examines the enormous spotlight, and comms T'Pol: "They've gone out the west door. They could be headed for the street -- they have the virus." Final shot of the one Snake Eyes lying on the floor. I almost expected him to get up. But he didn't.

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