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Carpenter Street

Quantum follows the Xindi and they trade fire. Quantum comms T'Pol where they are and that he could use some help. T'Pol gets back in the car and orders Loomis to drive. "Trouble?" Loomis asks. "Drive," T'Pol repeats, pulling out her gun. Loomis drives. Can she hold the gun to his head again? I liked that.

Quantum and the Xindi play hide-and-seek.

Loomis stops the car on T'Pol's orders. She pulls out her hand-held, and Loomis comments, "They give you all that fancy equipment and what good does it do you?" T'Pol orders him to lower his window. Loomis says he knew Quantum's plan wouldn't work. "Be quiet," T'Pol says, raising her gun and checking her hand-held, "they're coming." You know what I love? I love that Loomis is completely unfazed by all "that fancy equipment." As far as he's concerned, it's par for the course when you're a cop. He's a trusting soul. The Xindi start to come out. Loomis lays on his horn. "Stop!" T'Pol says, and grabs his hands, pulling him down. The Snake Eyes look all discombobulated as they fluster out of the building. Hee hee! They take aim, and Loomis looks totally freaked when he beholds their Xindiness. However, not too freaked to attempt to stab T'Pol, who edges out of reach so he ends up stabbing his seat. Oddly, one of the Xindi is felled by weapons fire from behind. We see Quantum come out of the shadows as the other Xindi runs. It's odd because it's yellow and Quantum's weapon has already demonstrated its redness earlier. The Xindi weapons are yellow. I think that was a screw-up, because when they showed the Xindi lying on the floor, he still had his own gun, and Quantum left him without relieving him of his pistol.

T'Pol beats Loomis up in his own car, and a great shot showing only the phaser lets us see T'Pol lower her phase intensity by several notches. She fires at Loomis. He slumps. Do you know why I love that? Because in so many cases across all the series, they would have just had T'Pol fire at Loomis, and all of us would have remembered that Quantum specifically ordered her phaser set to "kill" to deal with the Xindi and complained in a wondering sort of way about why her phaser didn't kill him. It was awesome that they took the time to specifically show that she lowered the phaser setting before firing. It also showed great presence of mind for her character.

Quantum and T'Pol follow the Xindi up to the roof. The last Xindi walks over to a roof fan and looks up. He stoops to conquer and unscrew the virus. "He's gonna aerate it!" the Evil Dr. Mathra announces, dancing excitedly. Quantum fires at him from the roof of another building. Snake Eyes leaves the virus to take cover. They trade fire. T'Pol notes that, as they have eliminated Snake Eyes's only means for returning to his own century, he has no other choice but to release the virus. And then what? He stays on Earth in 2004, gets a driver's license, registers to vote, and attempts to become an upstanding member of society? Only if he can find a really good plastic surgeon. Quantum says he won't be able to destroy all of humanity with a virus geared toward only six of the eight blood types. "If they can infect three-quarters of Earth's population, it's unlikely humans will pose a threat to them in the future," T'Pol tells him. More firing. "Let's hope he can't see in the dark," Quantum says, and runs off. Why wouldn't he be able to see in the dark? Reptiles can see in the dark; why would Snake Eyes have night blindness? Of course, there has to be a scene where Quantum jumps across from one rooftop to the next because it is, in fact, required by law that all rooftop battles have the leap across. He does it in slow motion, which causes the Evil Dr. Mathra and I to shout, "Mee mee mee mee mee mee!" While Snake Eyes is busy firing back at T'Pol, he doesn't notice Quantum climbing an apparatus above him. Quantum commands Snake Eyes, "Don't move a muscle!" Or a scale. He tells him to drop his weapon. Snake Eyes hisses and complies. Quantum demands to know why they were building a second weapon: "Where were you going to take it?" "We won't allow you to destroy us -- your species is doomed!" Snake Eyes says, and makes a slo-mo leap to the thermos full of hot, fragrant virus. Quantum fires at Snake Eyes. As Snake Eyes falls, he tips the virus thermos on its side and pushes it toward the fan. In slo-mo, Quantum jumps down and catches the virus right before it hits the fan. He seals the thermos tight and breathes hard. That's premium, Ethiopian, early morning, bayou wafting over the veranda blend, that is.

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