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Chokin' And Tokin'

Alan, the mean kid, happens along and asks Bill if he wants "some nuts with [his] sundae" and punches him in the crotch. Bill doubles over, clutching his groin, and croaks, "that guy need a new joke." I think that if this is a regular occurrence, Alan needs to examine why he touches other boys' dangly bits so often. But that's just me.

In social studies class, a youngish blonde teacher explains to the geeks, Maureen, Vicki, Alan and other students that they'll be studying the civil rights movement in the coming weeks. She asks if anyone knows the name of the woman who sparked the movement by refusing to give up her seat on a public bus. Bill, who has been appreciatively eyeing Miss Foote, the teacher, answers that it was Rosa Parks. Miss Foote is suitably impressed. I'm not sure why, because Rosa Parks moved to Detroit in 1957, and she still lives there. I know there's a Rosa Parks Boulevard in the Detroit area because I've seen exit signs for it as we've hurtled through Detroit on our way to sunnier states. Miss Foote then sneezes three times and Bill blesses her. I wonder if he'll switch to "you're so good-looking" in fifteen or sixteen years. Miss Foote explains that her allergies are acting up. Bill sympathizes that his allergies are bothering him too and he offers to close the window. The teacher asks him what he is allergic to and Bill says, "Bees and air and cats and dogs. Well, not all dogs, some dogs. If I eat a peanut, I could die." He mentions that he ate one at summer camp and he had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Alan helpfully suggests, "So don't eat them, dork." Bill reiterates that he doesn't because he could die. Miss Foote is intrigued but thinks that Bill's peanut allergy is unusual. Bill explains that everyone has some kind of ailment and he cites Neal's psoriasis and "lizard skin" and Sam's aversion to the sight of blood. The class laughs and Sam and Neal shoot daggers at Bill.

In the hallway after class, Sam and Neal attack Bill for exposing their frailties to everyone. Sam says, "How are we going to get in with Maureen and her friends if you tell them about my fainting, your stupid allergies, and Neal's lizard skin?" Neal takes offense and informs them that ten percent of the population will suffer from psoriasis at some point in time. Neal accuses Bill of flirting with Miss Foote. Bill denies flirting. Neal claims that Bill has ruined his chances with Vickie. Bill says that Neal doesn't have a chance with Vickie and that he, Bill, has a better chance with Miss Foote even though he doesn't have a chance at all. Sam stops their bickering and says, "Fine, Bill, be a geek your whole life, I'm sick of it." With that, Sam and Neal walk away.

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