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Chokin' And Tokin'

Lindsay, Daniel and Ken are sitting at a cafeteria table when Nick, wearing another lighter brown velour top, joins them and asks if any of them have any pot. Ken responds that "the cupboard is bare, man." Nick admits that he is running out and has been rationing himself. He wonders what he is going to do and Daniel suggests, "Uh, not be stoned?" Nick becomes agitated and accuses Daniel of holding out on him and he warns him not to be "a cheap bastard." Daniel angrily accuses Nick of never having "passed a joint" in his life. Nick says it would be very uncool if they were holding out on him and he leaves the table in a huff. Daniel declares that Nick is "turning into a waste basket." At Daniel's locker, Ken discovers that Daniel was indeed holding out on Nick. Daniel has decided to get rid of is stash because he needs to "Stay sharp if [he] wants to, y'know, uh --" Ken interjects, "Stay sharp?" Daniel is planning to throw it away and Ken suggests that Daniel donate to a "worthy cause" which is, of course, himself. Daniel want to save Ken too, and they start arguing, while Ken tries to grab the bag away from Daniel. Mr. "Call Me Jeff" Rosso appears and grabs the baggie, and orders them to his office. Oh man, Daniel, your ass is grass. So to speak.

Nick and Lindsay are walking through the halls and Lindsay notes that Nick is looking good after five days without pot. Nick says that he's ready to smoke his mother's ferns. Lindsay suggests they do something fun at lunch.

Back in Miss Foote's class, she's lecturing about George Washington Carver's many achievements, especially his work with the peanut "and for being Bill's mortal enemy," which makes the class break up. Bill ignores the comment and Miss Foote asks if he got the joke. Bill deadpans, "Yeah, that's a good one." The bell rings and everyone leaves. Bill stays behind and asks her not to discuss his allergies because it makes him look like a geek. She tells him that he's not a geek and he asks her to tell the rest of the world. Ah yes, George Washington Carver and his brave "I have a peanut..." speech.

Bill joins Neal and Sam at Sam's locker and asks if they want to go to a sci-fi convention on the weekend. Neal tells him that he and Sam are going to a cheerleading competition on the weekend to watch Maureen and Vicki compete. Sam pipes up, "Yeah, Maureen invited us." Sam and Neal blow off Bill and suggest that he ask Gordon because Gordon likes sci-fi. Gordon exclaims that he doesn't like sci-fi, he "loves, loves, loves it." Gordon wonders which mother they should get to drive them, then he decides that his mother should because she puts his make-up on in the parking lot. Bill mutters, "Great," but is clearly not enthused.

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