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Chokin' And Tokin'

In Nick's basement, a restless Nick asks Ken and Daniel what people do when they're not stoned. Well, apparently they listen to Jethro Tull's "Aqualung" which is playing in the background. Personally, I'd have to be anesthetized to be able to listen to that song without dry-heaving. "Snot running down his nose" has to be the most ill-advised rock lyric ever. Daniel's white T-shirt is filthy and Nick is still wearing his blue velour top. They discuss how sweet and straight Lindsay is.

Meanwhile, Lindsay has to bogart her doob' when Dad Weir knocks at her bedroom door. Dad reminds her that she has to baby-sit for the Johnsons. She tries to weasel out of it but Dad won't hear of it. He asks what is wrong with her and she says she has "woman problems." Dad doesn't want to hear about it and tells her to go.

At the hospital, Alan and his dad show up to apologize. Alan wants to see Bill but Mrs. Haverchuk informs him that Bill in unconscious. She gets upset and she and Mom Weir walk away. Alan and his dad sit down.

Lindsay storms into Millie's kitchen to get her to come babysitting. Millie figures out pretty quickly that Lindsay is high, or as Millie puts it, Lindsay "is on the pot." Um, that has a more scatological meaning in other circles, Millie. Millie claims to know what high people look like because she went to a Seals and Croft concert last summer. Millie, everybody there was high because that's the only way they could bear to be there. Millie grudgingly agrees to go "for the safety of the child." Think of the children! Lindsay thanks her and Millie all sanctimoniously says, "No, thank your dealer."

At the hospital, Alan sneaks into Bill's room to apologize. Bill appears to be oblivious to Alan's whiny excuses and rationalizations, which, for him, constitute an apology. Apparently, he's been harbouring resentment for the geeks since fourth grade because they wouldn't let him shoot off rockets with them. He promises to never be mean to Bill again, if Bill doesn't die.

The Johnsons give Lindsay and Millie endless instructions about the care and feeding of their child, Ryan. They caution the girls not to let him put broken balloon pieces into his mouth because he might choke. Lindsay can't take the litany of directions and phone numbers so she goes to the washroom, leaving Millie to listen intently. Their final instruction is, "Please don't let him ride the dog." Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all lived by those rules? Lindsay freaks out in the bathroom.

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