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This episode wastes no time letting us know whether Roman lived or died after his shooting last week; the answer is neither. It's four days later, according to Keith Olbermann, and Roman's repeated surgeries and the Grants' repeated public reassurances have made number 3 on Countdown with the headline "Patriarchy Games." Leave it to us pros, Keith. Nicki's the one watching the morning rerun of the show from her bed, while her boys cavort around the room in their pajamas. Nicki's also in her sleepytime clothes, and hasn't bothered to do a thing with her hair. It's weird, seeing it just hanging down like that. It's pretty much the equivalent of seeing Barb coiffed like Tina Turner. As Bill comes into the room with a cup of something for Nicki, Adaleen appears on the TV screen, replacing a graphic with the caption "Roman Empire" (that's better). Nicki sits up and tells the kids to watch their grandma, who tells reporters in front of the hospital that someone wanted Roman dead, but clearly someone else more powerful wants him alive. The forums? Nicki complains to Bill that she's still getting shut out of the family even now, and barely pauses to hear Keith give a shout-out to Rhonda Volmer. Bill sits down on the bed to encourage Nicki that Roman is strong, and to promise to make them all safe. No mention of the fact that he all but set Roman's shooters on him in the first place, or even a flicker of guilt in his eyes in connection to the incident. Speaking of protection, Bill takes this moment to tell Nicki about the company he plans to buy; it "involves gambling," he says nervously. Nicki looks surprised for a moment, then agrees like it's a complete non-issue. Bill says he worries that Barb won't be on board, and would appreciate Nicki's help with that. And with Margene, while she's at it. They turn back to the screen, which tells us that Roman's shooters are in custody, but Hollis and Selma Greene made it to Mexico. Nice work, ATF. We'll be looking forward to Hollis and Selma's return in the season finale.

Things are tense at work, and Bill finds out that it's because Don told Peg about Weber Gaming. Sure enough, she's storming around and treating all the file cabinets as though they've personally offended her. Of course, the last thing Bill wants is for Barb to find out about this deal from Peg. His cell phone rings, and he answers it, telling his mom, "This better be an emergency." Lois responds that holding anger causes cancer. Uh, I don't think holding it is Bill's problem, as he now demonstrates by yelling at Lois for selling him out to Frank. Lois says she got screwed too. And indeed, her "spicy new furniture" is all gone, leaving her sitting in the middle of her nearly bare living room on a folding lawn chair, her feet on a braided entryway rug while one lonely floor lamp stands guard over the barren brown wasteland. It looks like the work of a chronically depressed version of Vern Yip (how's that for a current pop-cultural reference?). Lois says that with Roman shot and the compound "in peril," the two of them need to talk. Bill disagrees, and hangs up on her.

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