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Up on the machine level, Barb is looking around the place with an expression like she just walked into the orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut. Nearby, Bill is working Margene, saying, "It's fun, huh?" "Not so sure, Bill, not so sure," Margene responds, playing him right back. Barb comes up and suggests just getting out of there and going for ice cream. Bill calls it "good, clean fun" and "all-American." Have I mentioned that Bill is an idiot? Obviously he'd have better luck trying to win Barb over the same way he was first won over: by putting her face-to-face with a single machine, in a quiet and safe environment, and letting her dink around with it at her leisure. And then maybe he could take her to Weber Gaming's showroom, being sure to have Carter Reese keep his pants on and his ass-brand hidden. Tossing her in the deep end like this is just asking for trouble. As for Nicki, it's kind of too bad she's already on board, because she just got a Bingo. And she seems to like that spotlight a lot more than she likes oral sex.

Later, having ice cream at the soda parlor (which is as close to a compromise as Bill's going to get this week), Bill is laying out what he claims are his real reasons for wanting the company, which is that it's "in an industry where people won't judge us for living the Principle." Barb's unimpressed with that standard, and asks why they don't just start selling crack cocaine, if that's their only goal. Well, that is illegal, for one thing. Although I bet Nicki would be a natural. Nicki agrees that the people in the casino wouldn't judge them if they were ever exposed. "Very good point, Nicki, very good point," Margene smirks. But she overplays it, and Barb busts her for milking her position: "How do you really feel about it, Margie?" That kind of takes the fun out of it for Margene. She stops grinning and says she doesn't know. Barb asks Bill about the third Home Plus store, which he says is on hold for now. I'm surprised that subject hasn't come up in the past few weeks, since it seemed like all Bill ever talked about during the first season. Seeing the whole family business spinning out of her control, Barb decrees that if Bill can't get his wives behind it, he's giving it up. They'll have a vote tomorrow night. "Everybody gets off the fence. That's it." She smirks at Bill around her ice cream cone. You know, if I wanted to watch poorly managed attempts to manipulate small voting blocs, I'd be watching Big Brother on nights when I'm not getting paid for it.

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