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The next day, Nicki is mixing something up in the kitchen while the living room TV is playing some insipid local morning show. Except this one is even more insipid than usual, because they've got Rhonda as a guest. Now I see why Nicki usually sticks to just watching the news. Hearing the name of one of her many nemeses, Nicki comes into the living room to watch and see what's going on. Rhonda is telling the host and the studio audience about how "Old Roman" picked her out of the "Joy Book." She's just explaining exactly what that is (and it's just as gross as it sounds) when Nicki hears Bill about to come in with Wayne. He's doing the "Where's Wayne?" routine with the kid slung backwards over his shoulder, which Wayne thinks is hilarious. It is kind of cute, although not as cute as when I do it with M. Small for the first few times in any given day. Nicki quickly mutes the TV and meets Bill in the kitchen so that he stops before coming in far enough to see the screen. Bill tells her he's going up to Juniper Creek for his UEB meeting today. Nicki's not sure that's such a good idea, so he tells Nicki about all the unaccounted-for cash that needs to be managed by someone who will be competent and honest and not at all in Bill's pocket. "Tens of thousands in tithes just laying around that office," he says, as though the very thought pains him more than he can say. "And I don't trust Alby with it," he adds. Nicki agrees: "He's greedy, selfish, only looks out for his own interests. He's nothing like Papa." She had me and then she lost me. She starts freaking out about how unfair it is that she can't even go to the compound. Bill promises to take care of everything, as well as put in a good word with her mom. Like Bill doesn't already owe Adaleen a huge solid as it is. He asks if Nicki's still on his side. Nicki says she is, and as for Margene, "Margene and I see eye-to-eye on most everything. I know how to talk to her." Why this statement doesn't send cold chills down Bill's spine, I don't know, but he happily kisses her goodbye and heads out the door. Nicki goes back to glaring at Rhonda on the television within the television. Oh, the irony; there Rhonda is on the TV, after Nicki promised to put her there herself a few weeks ago. Although I think the picture in Nicki's mind looked more like one in which Rhonda was impaled on a set of rabbit ears.

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