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Out in the yard afterwards, Bill's on his cell phone to Don, saying they won the vote. Seeing Margene walking purposefully towards him across the lawn, he says he has to call him back. Margene lights right into him, saying that she dated Greg a long, long time ago. Bill is confused about why she's so upset, and when she accuses him of not wanting her to shop at the store any more, he has no idea what she's talking about. "Why would I get jealous over something that happened in the past when I have you for all eternity?" he asks sweetly. Margene finally considers the source, and tells Bill to talk to his son. This is the second time in as many weeks somebody has said that to one of Ben's parents. It's a disturbing trend. Margene starts to head inside, but then stops to add, "By the way, the spanking thing was Greg's idea and I never even really liked it that much." With that, she gives Bill a peck on the lips and goes inside. Bill calls Don back to say, well, time to transfer Greg. "Give him a bump so he doesn't think he did anything wrong. …Not too big a bump." Or a spanking.

Guess where Nicki is? Back at the Bingo parlor, where she's already an old hand, on a first-name basis with the card lady. This week's closing theme? David Bowie's "Changes." Subtle.

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