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Out in the parking lot, Bill catches up with Margene just as she's about to load her many large shopping bags into the back of her little MargieMobile. He starts helping her with that as he asks her if she's thought about the company he mentioned, or whether the other wives have said anything to her about it. Finding that the answer to all of the above is no, Bill starts into a condescending little lecture about how "some people think gambling is bad." "Gambling is bad," Margene says. "My aunt blew her whole pension and lost her house." Bill starts rationalizing, but Margene doesn't really have time. "Just tell me what you want me to think about it," she says. Even then, Bill can't come right out and say it; he just says that it pleased him when Nicki liked the idea. That's good enough for Margene. She seems to be genuinely happy. As a reward, Bill smacks her on the ass and grins, "Thank you for shopping at Home Plus!" as he goes back to the store. Aw, I bet he smacks all the customers' asses.

Nicki drives a rental pickup down the dirt road to Juniper Creek, with a giant, refrigerator-sized freezer standing upright in the truck bed. It's worth noting that it's not a Home Plus delivery truck. When Nicki gets to the closed compound gate, there's a whole rigmarole where the guards have to check a list and walkie-talkie to base to request clearance for Nicki's entry. She's in the "bad" column, by the way. Probably because her hair's still down. One wonders if she'd just go ahead and crash through the gate if denied entry, but since "Baby Bird 27" gets waved through for a thirty-minute visit, it's academic.

Cut to Nicki closing the truck's tailgate after having gotten the freezer down onto the dirt street in front of Adaleen's house on a dolly. How she managed that by herself without breaking a hip is beyond me. I certainly couldn't have. ["It's Nicki. She's like the Appliance Whisperer. It probably came down of its own accord after a gentle nudge." -- Joe R] "What on God's green earth are you doing here?" is Adaleen's warm greeting to her daughter. Nicki starts cheerfully wheeling the freezer across the street toward the house, saying Adaleen is probably swamped with casseroles and stuff. Adaleen is just about the opposite of touched by Nicki's thoughtfulness, and pretty much accuses her of using the situation with Roman to weasel back into the family. Nicki says she just wants to help. Adaleen straight-up rejects Nicki's support: "Your father has a fever of 106. He has ICU psychosis and systemic infections and all you can think about is yourself?" Nicki wants to leave the freezer anyway, but it's clear Adaleen's not kidding when she says she doesn't need it; she's plenty cold already. Finally Nicki just slams the freezer down in the middle of the street. Adaleen says, "I can't stand to be around you, you b--…you b--…you bring me nothing but heartache!" Thought she was going to say something else, didn't you? Adaleen runs back up to the house. But before she's inside, Nicki is back behind the wheel of her rental truck. She wheels it around so the front bumper is a few feet from the freezer. She looks at her mom, making sure she's turned back to watch. She puts the truck in reverse to get a good running start, but is probably only going about twenty or so when she hits the freezer, knocking it flat on the dirt street with a big dent in its side. For some reason this makes Adaleen furious, which means she was probably going to keep the freezer anyway and was just acting bloody-minded about it. "What are you doing!?" she screams, running back into the yard (but not into the street, because she isn't suicidal). Nicki T-bones the freezer again, then backs up to glare at Adaleen from behind the wheel. "I can't believe you," Adaleen says, and runs back up into the house. Hey, Nicki's still got twenty-five minutes left!

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