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Sarah answers the door of Scott's apartment to find Lois there in her hideous fur-lined jacket. Apparently she gave Lois directions there, probably just happy that it wasn't her other grandma wanting to visit. As Sarah ushers her into the place, Lois goes right into a pathetic little performance; she gives Sarah her hideous fur-lined jacket, implying that she'll be dying soon. And then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as Sarah kills her for dumping that fugly thing in her lap. No, actually, Sarah wonders what Lois is on about. Lois tells Sarah her whole, sad story, which is that Bill is mad at her for something Frank did that Lois isn't even aware of. Okay, so it wasn't the whole story per se, but the whole story isn't so much "sad" as "indicative of Lois's stupidity, greed, and willingness to play her own blood descendants to her advantage." But since Sarah doesn't get to hear the whole thing, she's immediately on her Lois's side without hearing any more details.

Just then, Scott comes home from a run. "Who are you?" Lois demands. Sarah tells her, which causes her to sit there looking shocked and disapproving that Sarah is daring to be alone in a boy's apartment -- a 28-year-old boy, no less. Neither of them notices Lois's even-more-sour-than-usual expression as Sarah tells Scott that Bill cut Lois off and she's totally broke. Lois is pretty distracted by the debauched spectacle of Scott in his jogging clothes, staring openly at his bare knee as though it's an erect penis waving a little flag. But when Scott happens to mention that Utah is a community property state -- which means Lois is entitled to a piece of everything Frank owns -- she makes eye contact with him again in a hurry. Sarah offers to talk to Bill for Lois, which of course is what Lois originally came for, but of course all she's thinking about right now is robbing Frank right back. Still she manages to remember to care about patching things up with Bill before going back to ogling Scott some more.

The advantage of working at your father's company is that you can do stuff that would get you fired anywhere else. The disadvantage of working at your father's company is that when you do such a thing, you get called on the carpet in his office. Depending on what your dad is like, this may or may not be a wash. Currently, it's Ben who finds himself in this position after having shoved Greg earlier. Bill's saying that Greg has a right to be pissed, as Ben's supervisor and all. I would even add that Greg has a right to fire Ben on the spot (see above). Ben tries to explain about what happened earlier with Greg and Margene. If Ben's expecting Bill to take his side on this, he's disappointed. Bill already knows that Greg and Margene dated before he married her, and he tells Ben to go apologize to Greg. "You want to know exactly what he said?" Ben persists. Bill kind of does, but on the other hand he really doesn't, and it's the latter answer that he gives Ben. He actually gives a somewhat enlightened answer: "We ask our wives to handle their jealousies every day. The least we can do is return the favor." Considering Bill's neck has completely disappeared into his collar, however, the performance is not entirely convincing. Ben gives up and goes to apologize to Greg, who has been waiting in the outer office this whole time, visible through Bill's window. We can't hear what Ben says to Greg, but it doesn't take long. Bill watches through the window of his office, then pretends he wasn't when Greg looks in. If Bill was considering having HR add spanking to the company's disciplinary process, though, he may want to reconsider.

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