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Barb's doing some homework, which in this case seems to involve using her iBook to watch video of a rat in a maze. Kids today. I didn't have stuff like that when I was in college. By which I of course mean online video learning aids, not heavy-handed symbolism. Plenty of the latter in my English department, let me tell you. Lois calls, acting all concerned about Sarah. Barb doesn't feel like playing this game with Lois, even when Lois claims that Sarah's boyfriend is "old enough to have a third wife. If he hasn't slung her a calf already, he's about to." What a charmingly colorful expression. Barb says that Bill assured her that Scott is "respectful and mature." Mature is right, at least. "Well, then, I guess I just don't know what I walked in on," Lois says, knowing damn well that Barb isn't going to be able to leave that lie. When Barb finally starts asking questions, Lois hangs up, satisfied that the hook is set. What she's expecting to actually catch, I have no idea. Perhaps just stirring shit up is its own reward sometimes.

In the establishing shot of the front of the UEB offices, men with guns are guarding the building, pacing back and forth. I'm sure it's no accident that the shot is composed so that the first two letters of "EFFORT" on the sign in front are cut out of the frame, leaving only the "FORT" visible on the screen. Inside, Adaleen is trying to do the books, such as they are, and she's clearly in over her head. Maybe it would help if she turned a light on. Alby comes in and, after a creepy little moment with his freaky alien bride, offers to take care of this stuff. By which he means pretty much everything. Adaleen carefully agrees that while she prays for Roman's recovery, they do need someone to fill in for him. Alby suggests, "Someone who can speak for him…someone who can deliver his messages…a conduit for his revelations." Gosh, who could he be thinking of? Bill, maybe? Alby turns, and walks over to where Roman's cowboy hat is sitting upside down on the counter. Even Alby doesn't have the ball [sic] to pick it up and put it on, but it looks like a near thing.

Sarah comes home to find Barb lying in ambush for her, as she so often is lately. All friendly-like, Barb says, "Your father told me Scott is forthright and mature." Sarah agrees. Barb asks exactly how mature. And then Sarah is forthright enough to say that Scott is 28. Barb asks if he's divorced. Sarah says no, and literally asks, "Can I go now?" Barb nods sunnily. But then she stops her to ask if Scott is active in the church. Which is when Sarah reveals that they met at an ex-Mormon support group meeting. Doing a fair job of not losing her shit, Barb of course wonders what Sarah was doing at such a place, and why she wants to be an ex-Mormon. She admits there's been "moral ambiguity" and "compound influence" in the houses lately. Sarah unwisely stirs the pot by saying she doesn't see much difference between them and the compound. Yeah, Sarah needs to go to the compound more often, then. Her point is, "You're asked to do the same thing…settle for less than you deserve." Normally Barb would be pretty offended by this conversation, if not for the concern that's foremost in her mind right now: "Are you having premarital sex?" I would love it if Sarah answered, "No. We got married." She does say no, but then has to add, "Mormons don't have a monopoly on morality, Mom." Her full-body eye-roll carries her clear out of the room. Is she going to leave or get kicked out first? Either way, it's going to be a near thing.

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