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Joey calls Bill from the front doorway of his cabin. He's breaking the news that Lois got arrested. About time. Specifically, her crime was locking up Frank's wives and ransacking his house, which I'm sure Scott is going to get blamed for at some point. Joey adds that Lois has since been released on her own recognizance. I'm surprised Lois ever had a recognizance, let alone one that Frank didn't steal. "Crazy old woman!" Bill exclaims. As Joey tells the story, Wanda comes in the house with a suitcase and a kiss on the cheek for Joey -- and so does Kathy, Joey's potentially future second wife. Talking to Joey from the Home Plus store floor, Bill says Lois needs "tough love." Really? When does Bill plan to add the love? He promises he'll look into it when he's there for a UEB meeting the next day. Joey asks if the meeting is about Bill's trustee idea, and Bill isn't too thrilled to hear that the whole compound has already heard about it. I don't know what else he expected. Still, he's optimistic that half the board seems to be behind the idea. Joey wonders where Bill's sudden concern for the UEB is coming from. Joey, there's a difference between "concern for" and "wish to control." Just ask Bill's wives. "You didn't have anything to do with Roman's shooting, did you?" Joey asks suddenly. "I know you were talking to the Greenes." Bill denies any such thing, but he looks a bit worried when Joey signs off the call. Do you think this was the first time he's considered that he might bear some level of responsibility for Roman's state? Or do you think he still hasn't considered that at all?

Barb comes out of her back door and approaches Nicki and Wayne, who are sitting at a table by the pool. Barb offers Nicki a sincere apology for last night, "and the golfing," and assures her that she feels bad about Roman. Margene comes out of her house to join the powwow, like it's that pitcher's mound scene from Bull Durham, and sets a mug on the table in front of Nicki. Nicki thanks both of them. Of course, you know Barb isn't here just to apologize; she adds, "Your father treats you shabbily. And the way that your mother treats you is a disgrace. You deserve better. You deserve more." Nicki doesn't appreciate this, but she doesn't take the bait. Instead, she rises from her chair and says that Bill is the head of the house and they shouldn't try to control him. She even straw-mans, "I've clipped articles about men having operations to enlarge their breasts so their breast can produce milk and they can nurse. As that what you want?" Yes, these are their only two options: to either agree with Bill at all times on all things or watch him turn into a woman. It's a fine line. Horrified, Barb denies any such desire, instead of laughing in Nicki's face like she should. Barb's point is that they should have a say, and that she doesn't think "the gambling thing" is right for them. "If we don't want it, it won't happen," she declares, and goes back inside. I suspect that at this point, it's not about the gambling for Barb at all, but her ability to have some degree of control over what goes on in this family. Or am I going too far out on a limb? Maybe that actually happened several pages ago.

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