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Club Dead

Eragon on DVD. The perfect date-night movie for sweet, awkward teens.

Stately Luthor Manor. In the hallway, one of Lex's henchmen is telling him that he's sorry to be a bother with business, since this is a difficult time, but that he has news: they found the fight club. Lex asks if they have Kane. "Negative," the henchman replies. Aw, fiddlesticks. The henchman says that Kane was dead when the team arrived. Lex says that Kane fought some tough dudes. He asks who could have taken him down. The henchman says he doesn't know. Wasn't there an internet broadcast? And tape? He says that they lost their internet uplink before the team went in. Yeah, but they showed enough of Clark and Lois at least to have a clue. Didn't they? Lazy guards. (And writers.) The henchman, who is trying too hard for FBI-style delivery, says that they recovered the body, and that Lex will find the report interesting. Lex opens a folder. "He wasn't a meteor freak," says Lex. The henchman says that Kane wasn't human. He couldn't be reasoned with! He didn't feel pain!

Kent Farm. The cows wave their tails lazily and hope there's only one season left of posing like this. Clark is studying color glossies of meteor holes. Why am I not surprised that Clark still has a secret desire to see pictures of gaping holes? MamaKent comes up to the loft and asks how Lois is doing. Clark says that she's banged up, but all right; he says she's already working on her article about the fight club. MamaKent makes a freaked-out face. Clark tells her not to worry; he didn't do anything in front of Lois that'll make headlines. MamaKent says she's glad Lois is fine, and asks how Clark is doing. Clark says he thought Kane was the last Phantom Zone escapee. But all these other craters suggest that he might not be. MamaKent is sure he'll find them. "Then what?" Clark asks. He says he doesn't know how to return them to the Phantom Zone; the only way to get rid of them is to kill them. He stands by the open window, sulking. MamaKent says that Clark told her the death was an accident. Clark asks what if it wasn't. MamaKent says that the dude would have killed Clark. Clark says, "So I just killed him first? How does that make me any better?" MamaKent says that what Clark is feeling right now makes him better. She says it's remorse for a vicious creature who would have murdered them both. She says that those feelings are what make Clark human, no matter how much he denies it. Clark asks about the anger. He says he wanted to kill Kane with his bare hands. Sexy! He says he's never felt rage like that before. Oh no? MamaKent says that they both know Kane wasn't what this was about. "How could Lana do it?" Clark asks. "How could she marry Lex?" Oh, so now Lana is responsible for Clark's murderous rage? Jeez. MamaKent says that Lana made her choice. "Or somebody made it for her," he says. He says he has to find out and do something about it. "Honey," MamaKent says, "I understand how much this hurts." She tells him that part of being human and in love is learning to let go. She says that if he can't, the anger Clark's feeling will always be there. Clark looks outside. Does not compute! Illogic overload! (Smoke. Fire.)

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