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Club Dead

In the nursery for Lana and Lex's baby, the Vangelis music starts up again. Lana is sitting in a rocking chair, in the dark. Lex comes to the door, and says that Nell called. She wanted to see if Lana wanted company the next day. "I don't know," says Lana, sadly. Lex says that she hasn't left the room since they got back from the hospital. Lana says she likes it there. She says she tried to call Dr. Langston to tell him what happened, but was told he was in a car accident. Lex comes to Lana and says that's terrible: "When?" She says it was the day of their wedding. She's wearing a purple silk robe and holding a dolly as she asks why this is all happening. Lex says that some things in life are just out of your control. He says that sometimes you have to let go and leave things to a higher power. "I lost our baby," says Lana sadly. "I'm...I'm so sorry." Lex looks at Lana with a mix of fear and love. He says it wasn't her fault. Lana looks down. "I have to know for sure," she says. She wants her files from Dr. Langston's office. "You will," says Lex. Lana stares at her lap. Lex asks how he can help make the pain go away: "What can I do?" Lana doesn't answer. Instead, she looks away. Lex blinks in grief and guilt. He holds her hand. Vangelis, out!

Lex is in his office. The fireplace is going. He's on the phone. "Are you sure these are all the files?" he asks. He thanks Dr. Albright for the help, and tells her to forget she ever heard the name Lana Luthor. Lex holds papers from Smallville Medical Center in his hand. They're stamped "CONFIDENTIAL." Lex tosses the papers in the fireplace. The Vangelis creepiness returns. Lex holds a small card in his hand. He tosses it into the fire, too. It's the 3-D ultrasound picture. It burns. Lex stares at the fire. With intensity. Blackout.

See you in a few weeks, when we come back for the last run of shows for the season. Have a nice break!

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