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Conversations With Dead People

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Conversations With Dead People

Cut to the library, where Willow is still studying. "So. This is the UC library, huh?" says a voice from off-screen, breaking her reverie. Willow looks over to see Cassie, the suicidal teen from "Help." Except, as we all know, it's not really Cassie; it's just Cassie Ghost, on a special, if rather wordy, mission of evil. I'd like to make a Cassie Ghost Coast To Coast joke here but I can't actually remember anything about Space Ghost's talk show. This is why you shouldn't do drugs, kids! You'll be robbed of your ability crack wise about animated talk shows. Willow immediately recognizes Cassie Ghost and is confused, what with Cassie dying a few episodes and all. Man. You'd think that after seven seasons in Sunnydale, Willow would be a little less wigged when the dead walk among us. Willow is wondering if perhaps she's just dreaming, but Cassie Ghost assures Willow that she's really there. She takes a seat across from Willow and explains, "She asked that I come talk to you. It's important." Willow is all, "'She'?" "She says she still sings," is Cassie's reply. Willow starts to grok who "she" is, and her eyes fill with tears. "Tara?" she warbles.

Back at Casa Summers. Dawn is plopped down in front of the TV, eating her nuked marshmallow and talking on the phone with Kit. The ominous banging sounds again, and Dawn practically drops the phone. She mutes the TV and goes to the front door, but before she gets there, it blows open, and she struggles to close it again. As she finally gets it closed, the TV un-mutes itself, which everyone who has ever seen a horror movie knows is a sign that some terrible, awful thing is about to happen. ["Or that you have Time-Warner cable 'service.' Sigh." -- Sars] Dawn goes over and fiddles with the controls, to no avail. She pulls the plug and holds it aloft, but it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference; the TV continues playing.

Graveyard. Buffy and vamp fight. He goes in for a taste, then stops and says, "Buffy? Buffy Summers?" He introduces himself as "Holden Webster" and reminds Buffy that he matriculated at SHS with her. Buffy looks blank, clearly not remembering him, but tries to cover.

Casa Summers. In the kitchen, the radio starts up again of its own accord, as does the stereo in the living room. Dawn grabs an axe and sets to work smashing everything into smithereens. I almost can't blame her at this point, because I have a deep, pathological fear of horror movies that show a house turning against its owners, and therefore I am filled with sympathy for Dawn here. Mark your calendars. As Dawn and axe enter the kitchen, the microwave springs to life. She's going to smash it with her axe (and I'm not sure if that's really a good idea), but it blows up before she can get to it as glass flies like shrapnel through the air. Suddenly the radio makes a noise like it's tuning in a faraway broadcast, and we hear Joyce's voice say, "Dawn?" Interesting to note that the only appliances affected were those that Dawn herself had recently used. I don't know if that means anything, but it's my job to notice stuff like that.

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