Crocs, Cowboys And City Slickers

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Infra-red snake.

The next morning, Day 12, we are at Yaxha. A crocodile makes its way, open-mouthed, toward the underwater camera, and then closes its mouth at the last minute. "I will eat your camera! EAT IT, I SAY! But not right now!" Blake is looking out at the water, and then he interviews that he's sitting here thinking about his chances in the game, and that they look pretty good to him. Which they would, because he's up 4-3, and he should be in no danger of getting voted off until at least the merge, at which point individual immunity will start to be available in addition to the fact that depending on how many people are there at the merge, he may be able to ride his current alliance all the way until very close to the end. It does make a certain amount of sense. "I don't think it could have worked out better," he comments. Wait, what is that bat-like creature flapping its wings and buzzing Blake's head? It looks very much like Foreshadowing.

And bug. Which, in this case, scares the crap out of Amy. I'm not sure you'd last long in this game if you were that scared of bugs, I'll tell you that right now. You're lucky if a bug like that isn't emerging from your hair. The beetle flies around in pursuit of Amy, and she says in some disbelief, "I didn't know beetles could fly." "They're magical beetles here," Brian comments. Hee. Brandon talks in an interview about how he's not used to people like Amy who are from the city. He's used to "more farming type of people." Amy goes on to question Brandon and Bobby Jon about farming stuff, like how you go about making your living growing wheat. It seems silly on the one hand, but what should she do? Act like she doesn't care because it's unfamiliar? The show sets her up to look kind of silly, but this is what you do with people who do things you don't know anything about. You admit you don't know, and you have them explain it. I doubt Brandon or Bobby Jon would be mocked for asking her what police work is like.

Brian gives an interview in which he says that these aren't the kinds of people he usually becomes friends with, either, because he's "very New England" and "very blue-state." So these people are "not [his] style." We watch as Bobby Jon tells the tribe that when he gets home, he wants "a new pair of cowboy boots," because his current ones are held together with duct tape. Classy! Brian interviews that these people are "good people," and that he doesn't at all dislike them; they're just different from his usual crowd. Of course, he manages to pronounce the names of places like "Tulsa" with an emphasis that makes it sound like he doesn't like them a little bit. Sometimes Brian is very, very twenty-two, which is sort of okay, because that is inherently something one outgrows. In other news, it's amazing how I feel like "red state" and "blue state" are already getting old, and it's only been a year on that, really.

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