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Go, Go, Golden Boy

Jeff sends Yaxha home to enjoy their reward. Jeff's comment -- "An absolute blowout...Jamie, it falls on you" -- comes off as a little gratuitous, because...I think everybody gets it, you know? He's the only person who did anything. Inspector Clouseau is not being brought in to seek a solution to the mystery of who screwed up. Yaxha celebrates.

Later, Yaxha returns to camp to find the swim cage all set up. It looks like a very small back yard swimming pool with a fancy deck, pretty much. "The reward was spectaculah," Amy says happily. They all enjoy their margaritas and their chip(s) and dip. They also all praise Brandon for his awesome rope-cutting. In an interview, Brandon says, "You could say that I won it for Yaxha. I mean, I'm not trying to take all the credit or anything, but you gotta go out there and give 110%, ya know?" He tries to come off dopey, but he's totally strutting. (Not without some justification, of course.) Gary asks the team why they suppose nobody told Jamie to chop, and of course they did, but he has no way of knowing that, because you can't really hear what people are saying when they're busy eating your dust. Gary interviews that Yaxha has "a new superhero" in Brandon, for...the rope-cutting, I suppose.

Brian tells us that it's "cloud nine" for his tribe, because the reward is all so nice. They jump, one by one, into the water, and you can tell it is indeed a huge relief. Brian tells us that he's "a fish" at home and loves being in the water, so this is great for him. He's not literally a fish at home, though, which is why I'm surprised he didn't say he is literally a fish at home. They share a team cheer.

There is no cheer over at Nakum, however. Jamie tries to explain that he did everything he could and banged on the rope and just couldn't get it. Judd tells him not to worry about it. Margaret agrees that doing the best he could is all the tribe would ask Jamie for. Judd interviews that although Jamie apologized to the group, he could tell that the tribe was thinking that it was hard to understand how they got smoked quite so thoroughly. Steph is kind of standing on the dock, acting all I-am-in-shock, and she says, "I'll be up. I need to, like, chill out." You know, you really don't. You need to take the loss, which clearly isn't about you or anything you did, and you need to realize that you and everybody else are in the same boat today, actually. It's really this that I hate about Steph's attitude -- her conviction that she's suffering more than everyone else, when in fact, she felt quite a lot like this when her tribe was losing consistently the first time around, too. And, unlike her, Steph's tribemates haven't already experienced fame and adulation, you know? Judd interviews that "you can't blame anybody" when things don't work out. Jamie and Lydia, who seem like they may have an interesting and unexpected friendship, take a walk toward camp as Rafe and Judd tell the rest of the team they don't think any of the rest of them could have done anything more than Jamie did.

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