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Cindy, meanwhile, tells everybody jawing at the dock that she's seen Brandon's rope-cutting technique at camp, and she understands it and knew what he was doing. Judd cuts in to tell her that if she knew the technique, she should have jumped in. I don't think Cindy meant it that way at all. I think she meant that while she understands how Brandon does it, she couldn't have emulated it, and I don't think she's claiming she could have done better than Jamie. I think she's just saying she knows Brandon has a method and, in fact, explaining why she was frustrated knowing she couldn't have done any better. She goes on to say basically this -- that she doesn't have the shoulder or the strength that Judd or Jamie has, so she indeed couldn't have done it. Judd, however, refuses to quit bullying her, which is really unbecoming, and takes the opportunity to take a shot at Cindy by saying that if she -- or Margaret, which: irrelevant -- ever want to do anything, they should feel free. Cindy doesn't even get mad, which appears to be a calculation made on the basis of obvious futility. She just agrees that she understands the "if you think you can do better, then do it" argument. Judd keeps hitting, though, all about "get us out of the spotlight" and "shine like the star that you think you are." Dude, that's not at all what Cindy said. Judd's just responding to something that didn't happen. Cindy interviews that it irritated her to have Judd "mouthing off" like that, and that she's not sure it's a smart idea to be going out of your way to piss people off at this point. Normally, this would be the part where I'd point out that an utter lack of social skills is usually not punished on this show the way I'd like, but I think I...won't.

Steph grouses on the way back, walking with Judd and Cindy, about how Bobby Jon was kicking his legs up in the cart, "cheering like a frickin' girl." She gives an interview in which she first says she's happy for Bobby Jon that he's winning challenges, and then she complains about how annoying it is when he cheers like a girl, and then she admits she's just jealous. Which is a little bit endearing, that at least she recognizes it. And then, on the walk back, she says, "He's so gay, he gets so gay,"'s so funny, because I'm not always as disturbed by that as some people are, but I really didn't care for the way Steph in particular did it. She seems to spit it out with a certain pointed meanness that isn't always present when people use it to mean something very much like "twee." It's also very unwise to do that in the presence of people you don't know all that well, because opinions are so thoroughly mixed about whether that's inherently offensive or not. I know both gay people and straight people who are bothered by it, and I know both gay people and straight people who aren't. So...on TV? Probably not. Anyway, Steph prattles on about how much Bobby Jon's celebratory behavior annoys her, and Judd and Cindy nod sympathetically, because I have a feeling they've pretty much learned to tune it out at this point.

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