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Go, Go, Golden Boy

Steph and Lydia retrieve Nakum's treemail. Back at camp, Steph reads the stupid poetry, which tells them very little about the attached black ball on a rope except that it's related to the upcoming immunity challenge. Which we knew, of course. Steph gives yet another interview about her pitiful situation and her additional losses, and oh my God, ENOUGH already. You can't be a victim of your own team when you're ON it. Less talking about not crying! Less crying! More winning! Stop!

Apparently as a result of the downcast feelings at Nakum, Lydia decides that this is the right time to become batshit crazy as a distraction ["a popular reality TV gambit, apparently" -- Wing Chun], so we get to see Lydia's Mighty Mouse impression, her magic act involving magic oranges, and, rather spectacularly, her version of "the pancake." At first, everyone just thinks she's irritating and stupid, but nobody can resist the pancake, especially after Rafe -- who is adorable -- jumps in. Even Judd is laughing. "You look like you're havin' a seizure," Jamie offers. I'm not sure I love the kind of self-consciously wacky routine that Lydia is doing, but it beats endless rounds of boo-hooing and "we suck" and all of that. Next week's Steph interview, I'm sure, will feature a lengthy complaining period about why she always winds up with the tribe that does the pancake.

Now, it's time for another challenge. And for Jeff still to be wearing that dork hat. He brings in the tribes. He comments that Nakum all looks pissed off, and that they're going to have to work together in this challenge. First, immunity is taken back from Yaxha. Jeff explains that each tribe will make two groups of three, with one person left over. Each group of three will run around with a little catching contraption with three corners. The leftover person will launch balls from a catapult. Any catching team can catch any ball, so you can, indeed, steal from each other. First tribe to catch five will win immunity. Losers go to tribal council. I'm going to warn you right now that this is a great example of a challenge that's practically impossible to recap, since it involves (1) running; and (2) nets. Maybe if I accompanied every line with a gesture and the sound of a choir singing. What do you think?

The launchers are Brian and Lydia. Brian launches first. Bobby Jon, Gary, and Danni catch what he's throwing, so that's one point for Yaxha. Lydia goes next. Her ball is not caught. "You guys are going to have to be a little faster," Steph orders Rafe and Judd, who are sharing her net. Judd says something that is, I think, about how he was also trying to block an approaching Yaxha team, and Steph's all, "Yeah, but listen to ME," and it's really disorienting, I have to say, to find yourself in your living room, watching a contestant you once admired and going, "MEEEEH, muh mis-sen moo MEEEE" in a mocking tone after she speaks a line like that. Brian launches again, and Steph and her group catch one. Tied 1-1. Lydia launches, and nobody gets it. Brian launches, and nobody gets it again, following a collision between Steph and Bobby Jon. Lydia launches, and the Steph group catches it again, so Nakum is up 2-1. Brian launches, and Gary and his group get it, so it's 2-2. Lydia is caught by Steph Inc. again. We are at 3-2, Team Steph. Brian goes, and this time, Jamie, Cindy, and Margaret take it. It's 4-2 Nakum. Steph and her group catch it again, so Nakum takes home the win. Interesting side note: the complete irrelevance of the Blake/Brandon/Amy net, which caught not one thing. Booo!

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