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Commercials. "Mr. Chan!" Also, Dave Chappelle's Block Party. Sweet!

Speaking of black male, Bionic Brother is in the evil lab, strapped to a platform in that very scary-looking white lab. All kinds of artificial limbs and wires hang from the ceiling. Kreig and another scientist, in blue scrubs, approach BB, whose head is in the middle of a giant vise grip. He asks about Katherine. Kreig tells him that she's back home, and that they've called off the dogs. There were dogs? Also, they replaced his arm tubing and servoed his mechanism with some...uh...things. "Your arm is even better than before," Kreig says. Well, hand over some magazines and we'll find out for sure. "I can't wait to use it to smash your skull in," BB threatens. I supposed you could do that, too. Lex appears, standing behind Kreig. "How ya feeling?" he asks. BB shoots Lex a glare. Lex says he's glad they found him in time. BB asks if Lex has a God complex, hissing, "I didn't ask to be saved." Lex says he's just giving the guy a chance at a normal life. "'Normal,'" BB spits. "Half my body is straight out of the Sharper Image catalog." His ass expels ionic-purified gases. Lex says that came at a price much steeper than $6 million. BB says that he doesn't need all this gadgetry, and that they can just roll him out in a wheelbarrow. Lex tells BB he'd die without this stuff, and that he needs to be patient if he wants his freedom. A computer nearby makes a funny noise. "What's that?" BB asks. Lex says it's something that'll make his life easier. A scientist swabs the side of BB's head. He asks what's going on. Lex says that he's helping him to be whole again: anger, despair, and loneliness can create a rift between brain and bionics. Damn, don't I know it. He says that the chip they're installing will take the edge off when necessary. BB says that they're trying to make him a drone -- a robot. Chest shot. Saaaaay. Nice torso, Bionic Brother! "Easy," Lex says, leaning in close. "You've read too much science fiction." He says that the merging of man and machine is nothing new. He lets Kreig get to work. Kreig shoves a needle in BB's neck. Ouchie.

Clark gets to The Talon. It's daytime. He asks Lana where BB is. Where the hell was Clark all this time? She says that he left. Clark isn't thrilled. Lana says that he went to see Katherine. "That's the first place they're gonna look for him!" Clark snaps. Lana wonders if they took him back to the lab. Ya think? Clark says that he'll go check it out. Lana thinks that they should call the police. She reaches for the phone. When she turns, Clark is gone with a whoosh.

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