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Lab. BB is out of it. Kreig tells him to relax. He's holding a gnarly piece of machinery. "You want me to relax, put away the drill," says Bionic Brother. Kreig promises that when they're done, he'll feel like a new man. The scary drill starts whirring and poking toward the camera. Clark zips into the lab. As the drill is about to touch BB's temple, Clark pops in and knocks three scientists into the air like he's a bowling ball. It's pretty hilarious. "Nice tackle," says BB as Clark frees him from the clamps. Wet and ready, bro! Clark tosses his man a shirt and says that they need to get out of there. They casually run out of the room. "How'd you do that, Kent?" asks BB as they make it to the roof level. "I can do a lot of things," Clark says. He can do you in 32 flavors, buddy. BB and Clark both leap off the roof at the same time. The camera follows as they both hit the ground and leave giant holes in the street below. Pretty cool. The soldiers follow up to the rooftop. Kreig, down on the street level, marvels at the damage to the ground. He looks very, very sad. His drill is now flaccid.

Stately Luthor Manor. Clark busts in through Lex's double doors. Security! Lex asks if Clark is gonna try some small talk this time, like telling Lex how BB escaped from the lab. Clark throws a file onto Lex's desk. He says that it's everything he and Chloe (probably more Chloe than him) could find on the "Machina" project. Lex gives it a glance and says it's nothing he hasn't already uncovered. Clark goes, "Hmm." Lex tells Clark that he doesn't intend to harass BB because he's suffered enough. "He suffered because of you!" Clark spits. Clark says that he knows Lex was in the lab. Lex lies that he was trying to stop Kreig. "That's not what Victor said," Clark counters. Lex says that BB was under heavy sedation, and must have misconstrued Lex's intentions. "Seems to happen a lot to you, doesn't it?" Clark says accusingly. Lex turns to Clark. As Clark tries to walk out, Lex stops him and asks if Clark thinks BB would have been better off dying with his family. Clark says that Lex always thinks the ends justify the means. Lex says he thinks some miracles have a price, but that doesn't make them any less profound. Clark has no idea what that means. Lex asks Clark to tell BB that he hopes homeboy can move past what happened. Really fast with his metal legs. Lex says that LuthorCorp has. "You can let yourself out," Lex adds as he leaves the room.

Morning at Kent Farm. Inside the barn, Bionic Brother is stretching his shoulder and flexing his hand. Clark comes in and asks if everything is working all right. "I feel like a billion dollars," says BB, "which probably isn't too far off." BB asks if Clark thinks Lex will really let that much money just walk off into the sunset. "I didn't give him a choice," says Clark. What? You didn't do jack or shit, Clark. Just shut up, all right? BB says that he'd thank Clark, but that the words seem too small. Clark says it's unnecessary. "Your mom raised you modest, didn't she?" BB asks. This guy is the coolest. "You're a hero, Kent. I'm not gonna forget how much I owe you." They do a cool version of a brother-to-honkey handshake. Solid. Clark asks him to help someone else out in need, and that they'll call it even.

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