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Clark approaches a cute house that is nevertheless small for someone in bioengineering. "Dr. Hong!" Clark calls, before bothering to knock on the door. "Mr. Chan!" Clark calls again. He hears a car engine. Maybe the dude's not home; did you think about that? Use your superhearing, dumb-ass. Clark, at excruciatingly normal speed, walks around the house and toward a garage. He finds a flexible dryer tube stuck into a car window. Yep, he's an engineer, all right. Dr. Hong has asphyxiated himself in his auto. And there was nothing erotic about it. Clark shuts off the car and takes the doctor's pulse. "Is he dead?" someone asks. G-g-g-ghost! "I think you already know that answer, Lex," Clark says bitterly. Lex is, indeed, skulking over there in the shadows. Clark really needs to do something about his hearing. Clark walks past Lex and out the garage. Lex asks Clark if he really thinks Lex had something to do with this. Clark asks why Lex is there. Lex says that he did some research into Cyntechnics after their conversation. Clark doesn't believe it. Lex says that Dr. Hong was about to blow the whistle on the experiments. Lex thinks Hong couldn't live with himself, or that Dr. Kreig didn't let him live with it. Lex says that guy has gone "completely rogue." Totally awesome. Tell me this isn't some clunky-ass dialogue right here: "A project that started as an effort to allow amputees to live a normal life has turned into one man's quest to create a living machine." Lex convinces Clark to tell him where to find Bionic Brother. "He's sick," says Clark. "He's been shot." Clark thinks he may die. "Then bring him to me. I have the technology!" We have WiFi! In the bathroom, even! "I've seen the way you help people!" Clark snaps. Lex asks Clark to put aside his issues so that they can help BB. Clark thinks really hard. The inside of his brain smells like burning toast.

Talon. BB has got an ice pack on his arm. I'm not sure how that's supposed to help a robot wound, but whatever. He's grimacing. He asks Lana if Clark found Dr. Hong. Lana, hanging up the phone, shakes her head. She says she's sorry, and that Dr. Hong is dead. BB looks like he's going to cry. In the hands of a real actor like him, it really works. Instead of saying, "Oh, I'm fucked," he blinks hard and says, "Because of me." Dude, you're dying and all you feel is guilt? I love this guy. Can we keep him, Al and Miles? Please please please? Fuck Aquaman; I want this guy to have his own series. BB says that if Hong hadn't helped him escape, he'd still be alive. Lana rushes over to assure him that it's not his fault. Which it totally isn't, of course. Still, BB's just messed-up sad. He thinks he'll be joining his dead family soon. Lana, rubbing his good shoulder, urges him not to give up. BB sniffs hard and says he needs to see Katherine. Just don't bleed all over her with motor oil, all right? BB takes off to go see his girlfriend. Lana tries to stop him instead of offering a ride. He asks what Lana would do if she had one last chance to see the person she loves. I think she would spend the whole time trying to emote, talk out her feelings, and then die before she'd made a decision.

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