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A house where there are pictures of BB on the mantle. "Katherine!" cries Bionic Brother as he enters this home without knocking or ringing a doorbell. He knocks over a vase and a small table right next to the door. Nice entrance. I know you're dying and all, but damn, dude. Be more smoothio. Evil Dr. Kreig, with his evil vaguely European accent purrs, "Hello, Victor." He's sitting behind a desk. BB asks where his girlfriend went. Kreig says she's safe as long as BB cooperates. BB gets mad. Kreig says that his goal is to help people, not hurt them. But, you know, feel threatened, all right? BB says that he wants to see Katherine. Kreig says he will, but that he has to return to the lab first, with "these gentlemen." Two soldiers walk into the room and flank Bionic Brother. "Hope you win your Nobel Prize," BB bitterly tells Kreig. Kreig, we'd assume, hopes he wins too. A Nobel Prize would be fucking sweet! Bwah-ha-ha-ha! BB leaves with the mean soldiers. "You were right. He came here like a fish to water!" Kreig marvels. Lex walks in from another room. Yes, this plan was so smart it was almost stupid. Lex tells Kreig that the heart has a way of clouding one's better judgment. Want to get a room?

Another evil Metropolis street for MamaKent to wander around in by herself. She's carrying a briefcase and walking away from her parked blue truck. A siren wails in the distance. "Did you bring the money?" an evil man asks, suddenly appearing off to the side. She did. MamaKent asks who he is. A loud car pulls up, its headlights flashing toward MamaKent and the burly man. The burly man makes a getaway. Out from the car appears Papa Luthor. MamaKent asks what he's doing there. She's pissed. Papa Luthor says he was worried when he saw that package at her house, and figured something was up. He says he wants to help. No meddle, help! He's seemingly figured out that MamaKent's a victim of blackmail. "So what does one do in this position?" MamaKent asks. Papa says you never give in, because then it never ends. MamaKent walks away frustrated and says there's a lot at stake in her situation. "There always is," Papa suggests. He offers to help, but MamaKent tries to brush him off and say she can handle it. He tells her that this is something outside of her experience. He lies and says that what's in the package is of no interest to him: "My only interest is your well-being." He asks her to please let him take care of this. He smiles slyly. Bastard!

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