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Van Statten is unsubtle: "It was the prize of my collection!" "Your collection?" The Doctor demands. "But was it worth it? Worth all those men's deaths? Worth Rose? Let me tell you something, van Statten. Mankind goes into space to explore. To be part of something greater." Van Statten: "Exactly! I wanted to touch the stars!" "You just want to drag the stars down and stick them underground underneath tons of sand and dirt, and label them," says the Doctor. "You're about as far from the stars as you can get." Why bother recapping when the episode's doing my job for me? I get the irony of me saying anybody could use some red ink in his life, but jeez. All you do when you wield the dialogue like this is make it less meaningful, not more. No matter how perfect the acting of the Doctor is. And it is. A painting of the sunset is worth a thousand words about how pretty the sunset is. It's like a laugh track for your heart. The Doctor gets intensely sad, and things get back on track: "And you took her down with you." He stares, at nothing. "She was nineteen years old."

Rose closes her eyes, ready for death. The Dalek approaches, and it really wants to kill her, but it's not doing anything but staring. She finally gets pissed about waiting around, and yells at it, but it's still confused: "I am armed. I will kill. It is my purpose." So what's the holdup? Rose screams, "They're all dead because of you!" And because the Dalek's going through some personal shit we'll figure out in a sec, it answers questions without regard to chronology or identity: "They are dead because of us." She chews on that: "And now what? What're you waiting for?" It says, "I feel your fear," and she's exasperated, but that's not what it means: "Daleks do not fear. Must not fear." It shoots at her, over and over, but misses every time, veering wildly from side to side. Rose stares it straight in the face, doesn't look away. Barely flinches. That's my girl. Dalek's not doing so great. You can hear the fear: "You gave me life. What else have you given me? I am contaminated!" Daleks hate contamination. Daleks like Daleks. Is this hate? Or fear?

Adam steps out of the lift and enters van Statten's office, where the Doctor quickly takes him to task for ditching Rose. To be fair, Adam has a point: "I'm not the one who sealed the vault!" The Dalek turns the screen on again, now featuring Rose standing before and to the side of the Dalek like every hostage ever. The Dalek wants the bulkhead open. The Doctor is really happy to see Rose, because he thought she was dead, just because he locked her behind a ton of steel with a laser-powered robot with one single "exterminate" directive. The Dalek doesn't so much have time for their reunion: "Open the bulkhead!" Rose says not to, and the Dalek -- who's getting a bit ahead of himself, in my estimation -- says some shit: "What use are emotions, if you will not save the woman you love?" The Doctor loves Rose, yeah. Clearly. Don't get your knickers in a twist. Van Statten and the Doctor are like, "Whoa." And nobody can really blame the Doctor for not wanting to kill her twice. He hits "Enter," the bulkhead opens, and Dalek and Rose proceed through.

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