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Credits, episode by Robert Shearman.

Chopper Bad Wolf One comes in for a landing at the base. Inside, men with guns line the walls, and a detachment accompanies Henry van Statten -- a silly mishmash of incompatible American stereotypes with a crap accent and stupid moustache and a soul patch -- into the base. Some ass-kisser approaches, and wishes van Statten a happy birthday, mentioning that the President has called to convey his best wishes. Van Statten replies that the President is ten points down and needs replacing, and, upon being questioned, fires the guy: "Wipe his memory, put him on the road someplace -- Memphis, Minneapolis, somewhere beginning with 'M,'" he orders Security, without slowing at all. A lovely redhead, Diana Goddard, hurries up behind him. "Next President, what do you think? Republican or Democrat?" he asks her. She says Democrat: "...They're just so funny, sir?" That's funny. Her accent's kind of crappy too. I don't know why that's a problem. It's not. It's a British show, they're allowed to have cruddy accents. "What is your name?" van Statten asks, taken by that joke. She pronounces her name "GOD-ard." "I like you, Diana Goddard," he says, like an evil American bookend to the Doctor and Harriet. Van Statten summons "the English kid," who comes running up. His name is Adam Mitchell. He's not really that cute, but at least he's not annoying, yet. In an early version of the script, Adam was actually van Statten's son. Adam shouts that he got ten new alien artifacts at an auction, and van Staten gets excited. Goddard respectfully tells him about the intruders discovered "fifty-four floors down," and how nobody can figure out how they got in. Van Statten makes a joke I don't understand; everybody laughs, because he tells him to, because that's the actual joke. Van Statten tells her to bring the visitors up -- and to notify "Simmons" that he wants to "visit [his] little den" -- and goes into an office.

Goddard walkies to Simmons, and tells him he'd better give her good news: "Is it talking?" We see Simmons through the alien's POV. Now, there's not really a way to film this little scene without doing that -- or letting on what kind of alien it is, which is the kind named in the title of the episode -- but still, given what follows, it's interesting. The Doctor has admitted love of Cybermen, and now we're looking through the eyes of a Dalek. So weird, so fresh, so 2012. Simmons is attacking us/the Dalek with some horrible instrument of torture, like a chainsaw or something. He isn't nice: "Not exactlytalking, no. Screaming, is that any good?" He takes the chainsaw to us/the Dalek/the Doctor/a people again.

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