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Explicate! Elucidate! Exposit...ate!

Van Statten, Goddard, and Simmons watch as the Dalek asks after the Time Lords. This could all be Greek to the humans, I suppose. I still feel like we don't have the whole story, and what story we do have is pretty yucky.

"...Dead. They burnt with you. The end of the last great Time War. Everyone lost," the Doctor tells the Dalek. He's not looking at anything, now. He's there. "And the coward survived," says the Dalek. The Doctor makes fun of the Dalek's distress signal -- mocks him frighteningly, madly. They have an embarrassing conversation, saved only by Chris Eccleston, about how the Dalek and Doctor are "alone in the Universe," and that they're just "the same," and everything you should have already been thinking about. Pretend this scene didn't happen. "We're not the same, I'm not..." A smile, from the Doctor. Not a happy one. "No, wait. Maybe we are, you're right. Yeah, okay, you've got a point, because I know what to do. I know what should happen. I know what you deserve: Exterminate." (Which is, again, the prototype for the rest of the episode. I guess assuming that we're stupid is suddenly in vogue again. This is why I liked "The End Of The World" so much: because it didn't draw you a fucking map every other second. Every scene is like a hologram for the main story.) The Doctor pulls a lever on the control board, and the Dalek starts getting all electrocuted and screamy. The Dalek asks for pity, and the Doctor refuses it: "Why should I? You never did." He turns up the level of the electricity. Heavy.

Van Statten tells Security to get the Doctor the hell out of there, as the Dalek continues to scream for help. Security burst in, and grab the Doctor, and van Statten begs the Dalek to speak to him. As the Doctor is dragged away, he screams that the Dalek must be destroyed immediately, but van Statten just stares at its lines and attachments: "The last in the Universe. And now I know your name. Dalek. Speak to me, Dalek." At its silence, van Statten grows in ridiculous impatience -- "I am Henry van Statten, now recognize me!" -- and finally hands it back over to Simmons: "Whatever it takes."

Adam shows Rose around his workroom, clearly lonely, chatty, kind of crushing on her, showing her random bits of space crap: "The thing is, it's all true. Everything the United Nations tries to keep quiet -- spacecrafts, aliens, visitors to Earth -- they really exist." Rose is like, "That's amazing!" She's doing it in a way where it's sweet and cute, not like she's fucking with him. "I know it sounds incredible, but I honestly believe that the whole Universe is teeming with life," says Adam. Rose smiles to herself and admits to him that it's gobsmacking: "And you do what? Sit here and catalogue it?" Oooh, Tyler. Feeling a little competitive? Adam tells her that it's the best job in the world, and Rose smiles with the self-satisfaction of somebody who's got one that's maybe just a little bit better. Hey Rose, before you go all "my Doctor can beat up your Doctor" on this poor kid, you might want to check out the demonstration in cruelty currently going on down in the Cage. "Imagine if you could get out there. Travel amongst the stars, and see it for real," says Rose. Which Adam agrees would be nice, but is not going to happen. Rose asks about the people who say they've been abducted or visited or whatever, and they laugh and agree that they're all crazy. I love how Billie Piper is like the one singer-turned-actor in history that's ever turned out fucking brilliant at it. Adam admits that he was recruited by van Statten's genius hunters, and tells her that, when he was eight, he logged into the U.S. Defense System, and nearly caused World War Three. Rose somehow avoids telling him that her boyfriend did the same thing just last week, and that the password for the entire internet is apparently "buffalo." Adam calls the chaos his little War Games stunt caused "fantastic," and Rose says he sounds like the Doctor. There's a whole "we're just friends" conversation that's lame, because, like, I'm so sure, Adam. It's totally Rose Tyler you're talking to. She's liking the flirty, but he's just a boy, so she pulls back and changes course: "Wouldn't you rather be downstairs? I mean, you've got these bits of metal and stuff, but Mr. van Statten's got a living creature down there." He's got two. Adam admits that van Statten's been keeping the Metaltron to himself, but that Adam's patched all genius-like into the comms system, so they take a look. "It doesn't do much, the alien. It's weird, it's kind of useless. It's just like this great big pepper pot." They watch Simmons torture the Dalek until it screams, and Rose's first thought is for the Doctor: "Take me down there. Now."

The Doctor steps into the elevator with van Statten and Goddard, explaining that the trashcan is actually "battle armor" and that there's an actual creature inside. I didn't know that. I bet it looks like Gollum in there. The Doctor describes it as "a nightmare" and "a mutation": "The Dalek race was genetically engineered; every single emotion was removed except hate." Van Statten's impressed by that, and asks who did this. "A genius," the Doctor tells him. "A man who was king of his own little world." Although, admittedly, he did have his own set of issues. "You'd like him," the Doctor says. Get it? Goddard says that, since it's been on Earth getting auctioned from collection to collection for fifty years, the threat matrix the Doctor's on about seems kind of overblown: "Why would it be a threat now?" "Because I'm here," the Doctor answers. They have a conversation about how the Dalek crash-landed onto Earth like a meteorite, and took three days to cool down: "And all that time it was screaming -- it must've gone insane." Goddard's not broken up about its trauma, much. The Doctor posits that the Dalek must have "fallen through time," and tells them about the Time War. "But you survived, too," says van Statten, not looking at him. "Not by choice," says the Doctor, not looking at anybody. Van Statten suddenly realizes that the Doctor is an alien, not to mention the last of his kind...

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