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Goddard shows the Doctor a map of the Vault and points out the blips: "That's us...that's the Cage...that's the Dalek." The Doctor asks van Statten whether the museum contains any "alien weapons," and he says yes, but how would he know, but the Doctor's about to make the same joke I was about to make, so I'll be quiet. Goddard points out that the Dalek is between them and the museum, and van Statten continues to yell about needing to keep it alive, to the point of sealing the entire Vault and trapping it in there. That's an eloquent way of describing what he's all about, and I don't understand why we need the parallels drawn a hundred more times: he doesn't care if he sees it again, he just wants it acquired. The Doctor points out the more interesting part of that plan: how Rose is still down there, too. The Doctor and Goddard notice that the Dalek's gotta go through an area they notice is "weapons testing" before it can do more damage. The Doctor: "Give guns to the lawyers, technicians, anyone. Everyone. Only then have you got a chance of killing it." Goddard nods, and the Doctor takes her place at the screen.

Rose and Adam and DiMaggio get to a flight of stairs, and take their leisurely time getting up the first flight. They stop on the landing to watch and make fun of the Dalek -- which has no legs -- which is cruel. It stays there at the bottom for a bit, while DiMaggio gives it a little speech: "Listen to me, I demand that you return to your cage. If you want to negotiate, then I guarantee that Mr. van Statten will be willing to talk. I accept that we imprisoned you, and maybe that was wrong. But people have died, and that stops. Right now. The killing stops, have you got that?" I like DiMaggio, even though she is being kind of dumb -- it's good acting -- but no matter what, this is a robot you're talking to. It's not like it's going to be like, "Bring me pizza and unmarked bills." It wants to exterminate -- there's no measure of success in this negotiation. DiMaggio concludes, "I demand that you surrender, is that clear?" Crystal. The Dalek waits a sec, then says "Elevate," then does so, and Rose and Adam stand around for a while, all OMG, and DiMaggio sends them up. Rose tells DiMaggio to come with them, but because she's a cookie-cutter hero that redeems Americans, Utah, and the heroic military, she sets her spine and settles in to die. It's all very whatever. DiMaggio yells at them about "you have to go" this and "don't look back" that, and blah blah blah clichéd bullshit. DiMaggio gets exterminated, which is super-easy when you're paper-thin, and they run off. The price of dealing in cartoony characters is that their deaths are funny. It wouldn't be that hard to make me care.

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