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Explicate! Elucidate! Exposit...ate!

Van Statten tries to dick the Doctor around, all, "If you're this huge fucking expert then why can't you talk it down?" He shows his cartoony corporate colors: "It must be willing to negotiate! There must be something it needs; everything needs something." The Doctor's kind of had it with this, since he's an actual person with, you know, layers: "What's the nearest town?" Salt Lake City. "Population?" One million. "All dead." And then all of Utah, all of America, et cetera. "Because it honestly believes they should die. Human beings are different, and anything different is wrong." More tin-eared, on-the-nose dialogue about how it's "the ultimate in racial cleansing" and "you, Henry van Statten, you have let it loose!"

The Doctor explains to the soldiers over the comm about the Dalek's forcefield, how the bullets are melting before they hit it: "If you concentrate your fire, you might get through. Aim for the dome, the head, the eyepiece. That's the weak spot." The commander of the particular squad that Rose and Adam are nearing gets snotty: "Thank you, Doctor, but I think I know how to fight one single tin robot." Looking forward to your awful death, sir. He talks like Pee-wee Herman at the end of Pee-wee's Big Adventure when he's being the desk clerk at the hotel. He talks like Keanu Reeves. Rose and Adam run in after a bit, the guy tells the squad to hold their fire and yells at Rose and Adam to scoot, and then the Dalek comes into view. Rose and the Dalek stop for a second and stare at each other, and in the Dalek's POV, we see her face, zoomed in. Adam grabs Rose's hand to keep running, but Rose is feeling the drama of their little moment: "...It's like there's something inside, looking at me. Like it knows me." I'm guessing she's got a scene before she sequential-processes "genetic material extrapolated." Not that we could blame her if it took longer, because that whole thing is stupid.

The Dalek keeps coming. It's pretty scary, because it's not anything but what it's about. The whole "we can't negotiate" thing is irritating, but only because it's heavily wielded -- the basic issue is scary for sure. What it is, is what it does: exterminate. They shoot and shoot and shoot at it, and upstairs, Goddard's got visual on to see what's happening. The Doctor realizes what the Dalek's doing: "It wants us to see." See? Scary. The Dalek elevates off the floor, fires at the sprinklers in the ceiling, and then exterminates a bunch of people by exterminating the water and electrocuting them. The commander of the squad and another guy stay back from the area, and they fall back, but the Dalek exterminates both of them, too. It stares around at all the bodies and the huge amount of pointless bullets.

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