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I guess being a serial murderer isn't all that bad...

When Jaworski awakens, Dexter says, "Tell me about Jane Saunders." "All right, I did her." "How." "In a snuff film. But I'm not sorry." "And I'm not sorry, either," says Dexter calmly before he unceremoniously cuts Jaworski's head off with a butcher's knife in one fell swoop. Wow. That was pretty abrupt. And totally sweet! I actually really like how uncinematic that was. I think it's more in keeping with Dexter's character. He kills because it's in him, not for the drama of it. I mean, there's some, because why else would he use Jane Saunders's picture to lure Jaworski? But it's not melodramatic. Dexter doesn't feel the need to play villain and give his victim a chance to escape. He just does his business, and cleans up. Good shit.

As Dexter's cleaning up Jaworski's remains, Rita calls him to apologize for the other night, and to tell him that she really wants to see him. He tells her he's just "finishing up a little project," and will be over later.

In his car on the way over to Rita's, Dexter takes out his new glass slide, and ponders, "One less amateur filmmaker polluting the internet." Suddenly, a large truck comes up and halts briefly, then pulls alongside Dexter's car, seemingly to taunt him or entice him. Totally game, Dexter follows, having realized it's an ice truck just like the one he thinks his favorite new killer has been using. "No way," he thinks.

After a while, the truck stops, turns around, and heads back towards Dexter's car as if it's playing chicken with him. At the last minute, the truck swerves as the fourth victim's head slams against Dexter's windshield.

Well, well, well. Looks like Dexter's intuition was dead-on. ...So to speak. Sorry.

Presumably about an hour later, Laguerta is questioning Dex. "So, of all the ice trucks in Miami...bit of a coincidence, don't you think?" "This time of night, truck like that sticks out." "It just seems weird; your sister has this ice-truck theory, and here you are to back it up." "She's good, Lieutenant, you should give her a chance." Yeah, you gaping asshole, give her a chance! Flirtatiously (ew), Laguerta tells Dex that he should call her Maria, and that he was right about Doakes's case, that it was indeed the boyfriend. Clearly uncomfortable, Dexter peaces out after Laguerta tries to touch up on him. Interesting casting choice there. She's very beautiful, but also kind of gross in that she smacks of desperation and sexual longing.

Finally, Dexter gets to Rita's, and it's like six in the morning. She was so worried that she called in sick to work, which is cute because...well, she's pretty damn cute. She goes on to tell him that she doesn't want to lose him, and that "I want you...I mean..." and she opens her bathrobe to show off her skimpily-nightied self. Dexter's all, "Um, Thanks." Rita says, "You're welcome," really awkwardly and they share a discomforted giggle. Then they kiss, and Rita slowly shoves Dexter onto the couch. She straddles him, and loosens one of the straps from her nightie, obviously ready for some sexin'. She seems relieved, but also cautious. Dexter looks like he has no idea what to do. Luckily for him, the phone rings, and it's little Cody, who's apparently crying on the other end of the line having just barfed "all over Colleen's couch." Whoever Colleen is. Saved by the bell, Dexter heads home...

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