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I guess being a serial murderer isn't all that bad...

Dexter drives around, eating, and comes to a stop. He's clearly come to where he wanted to be. We see a valet with a devil-girl tattoo picking up a car, as Dex voice-overs: "This guy. Six months ago I think he fell in love with a pretty brunette, Mrs. Jane Saunders." Apparently, she and her banker husband and their two kids lived a "pleasant life" until she disappeared. "The cops arrested my favorite valet, but his lawyer got him off on a faulty search warrant. It's a good thing I don't bother with them." Heh. You're awesome.

Now, Dexter's at this guy's house, snooping around. A dog comes out of nowhere and starts running towards him, but Dexter calmly and quickly shuts a cheap sliding door before the dog can get to him. "Dogs don't approve of what I do to their masters. That dog recognizes me as easily as I recognize Jaworski...or any other killer." He finds a desk with some bondage porn and a computer, and notes the interesting "taste in literature. His needs are evolving, turning violent. He's on the fast track." Hmm. But you need some more evidence than that, don't you? Well, that question can wait, because it's flashback time again...

"Have you ever wanted to kill anything else? Bigger than a dog?" Harry again, probing young Dexter's desire to kill. The answer is affirmative. "Like a person?" asks Harry. "Yeah, but no one in particular." When asked why he hasn't yet, Dexter replies that he was worried about what Harry and Doris would think. Harry seems pretty understanding, and the look on his face shows us that he might have an idea of how to mold this bloodthirsty young man.

Back to Jaworski's, where Dexter throws the bondage magazine aside. I guess we'll be coming back to that.

Back downtown, where it's "Friday night. Date night." He goes on to explore his perception of sexuality. "For me, sex never enters into it. When it comes to the actual act of sex, it's always seemed so..." As he watches a girl, um...petting a guy out in the open at a restaurant, he finishes, "Undignified." Well, that certainly was! Dang! Inappropriate! Anyway, Dexter goes on to say that he has to play the game, and that after years of trying to appear normal, he thinks he's found the right woman. "Deb saved her life on a domestic dispute call, introduced us, and we've been dating for six months, now." Dexter seems to think that Rita (Julie Benz, a.k.a. Darla, for all you Ma Buffy/Angel fans out there) is, in her own way, as damaged as he is. He's at her house, now, and she's running a bit late. Her kids are sitting on the couch in the living room, and her daughter, Astor, says, "Hey, Dexter," very matter-of-factly, like she's saying hello to an old cat. The boy, Cody, runs over to Dexter and they immediately start to rough-house. There's lots of giggling and fun, and it's pretty cute. I hope he kills them.

Whoa, sorry! Totally kidding. We all know that he would never do that.

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