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I guess being a serial murderer isn't all that bad...

But it could make some sweet TV. I'm just sayin'.

Dexter's brought ice cream, and is busting it out as Rita prepares for their date. "Rita's ex-hubby, the crack addict, repeatedly raped her, knocked her around." Apparently, this resulted in her being completely uninterested in sex, which is decidedly convenient for Dexter's equally non-libidinous disposition.

Dexter and Rita hit the town, and go to an outdoor seafood place (slash disco? What the hell? Miami's weird), where scores of people are smashing cooked crabs for the meat inside. Dexter overdubs how strange he thinks it is that his habits are so looked down upon, while it's socially acceptable to "smash food to bits." I guess, dude, but it's not like they're smashing other people to bits, or planning to eat other people. "Normal people are so hostile." Fair enough. Or hungry. I mean, you know, whatever. As he looks over the crowd dancing next to them, Dexter realizes that the disco lights have camouflaged police lights in the distance. Naturally, his curiosity is aroused, so he goes to check it out, dragging Rita with him.

Of course, it's yet another bloodless body, hacked into even segments the same as the first one (well, three, according to Deb). Morangel is already there, bitching and moaning about this "hijo de puta, this maricon savage who makes us work on a Friday night." Dexter speaks for all of us when he replies, "Only Mondays and Thursdays, that's what I always say." Morangel goes on to show that there are some differences in the cutting of the body. Firstly, as the cuts travel up the leg, they seem to get less "emotional" in nature. The first cut at the foot is rough, the second by the knee not so much, and the third up at the thigh is totally clean. Another major difference is that there is exposed bone at the top of the thigh, completely flayed and almost bleached-looking. "Why would he do that?" Angel asks. "He's experimenting. He's trying to find the right way." Angel wonders aloud if he's experimenting with the head, too, because it's nowhere to be found. "Damn," Dexter voice-overs. "This guy is good." I guess. Or, you know, kind of twisted, as in "not so good." What's he doing with that head, you guys?!

Back at Rita's, Dexter and Rita are doing what Lorraine McFly said she'd never do: sitting in a parked car together. Dexter's explaining, elatedly, how he thinks the killer is an "artist." When Rita asks whatever he could mean, he makes a chopping motion across her thigh with his hand while he says, "His technique..." It's brilliantly uncomfortable, because he's clearly turned on as he grabs her thigh and says, "...Is incredible." Rita instantly recoils, and Dexter is brought back down to earth, realizing he's crossed a line. "Dammit, Dexter," she says, and exits the car, leaving Dexter befuddled. "What have I done now?"

"And why can't I get that neat stack of body parts out of my head?"

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