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Happy Days Are Here Again

And by the time I've regained my composure, the camera's cut back to the music room, where Kurt and Rachel perform the justifiably legendary medley of "Get Happy" and "Happy Days Are Here Again" from The Judy Garland Show, with Kurt as Judy and Rachel -- of course -- as Barbra, right down to that little satin sailor's middy she's donned for the occasion. And while I much prefer the original, I'm not going to be too critical of this cover, partly because it's perfectly fine for what it's trying to accomplish in this episode, but mainly because I needed to be done with this recap, like, five minutes ago, and my fingers hurt. By the way, they break away from Rachel and Kurt at various relevant moments to show us little vignettes of Sad Brittany watching from a distance as Finn wheels Artie through the high school hallways, and of Kurt tucking his father in at night, but most of the cutaways are to the others, smiling down upon Rachel and Kurt from the music room risers.

And then it's over. No, seriously, they just cut to black at the end of it all, like, even before the final note's faded out. Smooth work, guys.

Next week, there's an inexplicable repeat of "Hairography," followed on the 26th by Glee's version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with, as best I can tell from the promo clips, Finn as Brad, Rachel as Janet, Artie as Dr. Scott, Gaylord as Eddie, Kurt as Riff, Santana and Quinn as dueling Magentas, Brittany and Tina as dueling Columbias, Sam as Rocky, and Mercedes as Frank N. Furter. I'm either going to be incredibly jealous of LTG or praising Cheesus that I dodged another bullet.

Demian was walking down the street, just a-havin' a think, when a snake of a guy gave him an evil wink. You may try to reach him at, but as time means nothing and never will again, you probably won't want to hold your breath waiting for a reply.

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