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End Game

Annoying whines, "If there's biting and scratching involved, I'm very malicious that way. And you know what? I would probably just tear your shit up because it's time." Everyone cheers and high-fives Annoying who looks really, really pleased with herself, and I don't know why. That wasn't a funny answer. Next time, I hope the producers pick at least one person to be on the show who is quick-witted, and I'm not talking about Teck. Speaking of Teck, he tells us that you can't have "two pretty women in the room at the same time without there being a catfight." It is Teck's high opinion of women that puts him at the top of the desirable bachelor's list every year. Except for the part about the top and the part about the knowledge. Veronica says that the amount of money they are winning is "adding to the ferociousness" and Piggy says that it might be asking too much for these teams to be friends. Gee, I think I've heard that one before too. Oh, that's right, another recycled clip.

After the credits, we see shots of the gang waking up the next morning. Mike tells us that there has been a lot of speculation about what the ultimate handsome reward is, but he has no idea what it will be. Like it's not always cars. I'm not complaining, because getting a car would be a nice reward, but stop pretending it's a surprise. Except that one season of Road Rules, where they won a Semester at Sea, which seems cheap now since the last season WAS a Semester at Sea. They must feel like the cast of Real World New York, who got stuck with the smallest, crappiest apartment. The gang arrives at some sort of airport, and a big white limo pulls up. Gladys gets out looking super-hot in a leather jumpsuit and ultra-short hair. She congratulates them for making it this far, and points out that RR is in the lead with sixty thousand E*Trade dollars to the RW's forty thousand. Annoying still has her tiara on, which is yet another reason why she's Annoying. Gladys informs them that this final mission will not be for any money -- instead, Citra will provide them "with these" and she gestures to the side. Everyone follows her gesture, to see a bunch of Nissan X-Terras being driven out of a garage. Annoying does that annoying hand pressed to her face giggle. Holly jumps up and down and curses, she's so excited. Teck says they are "phat cars" and fantasizes about driving around with "two honeys in the car." Wouldn't that mean a catfight would break out? Maybe that's what he was hoping. Everyone checks out the cars. Heather tells us that this is the "end of the rainbow" she was hoping for, but she feels like "this is going to come at a heavy, heavy price." Of course, since this interview was filmed after the mission was over, it's hardly foreshadowing, is it? Piggy says that winning the car would change her life "150% for the better" because she had a car that blew up in February. Since then, she has learned that "if you don't put the oil in it, apparently, the engine seizes." Does she really deserve another car, if she doesn't even know that?

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