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End Game

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End Game

Back to Gladys, telling them this mission will require some training, and she hands them a clue and then takes off. Holly yells out, "Sexpot Gladys!" and somebody howls. Heather listens to the clue, which says, "You made it this far, but for your final mission, you need to hit the bullseye in order to get the prize. Geronimo, baby!" Let's see, they're at an airport, and she said "Geronimo." What could it be? Heather reads the paper they were given, which says they have to meet someone at "Skydive Miami." Veronica puts all her brainpower to work, and says, "Bullseye? Are we shooting?" Look at the brains on Veronica!

The teams arrive at Skydive Miami and meet up with Fred, who says, "I'm sure you know now what you're here for." Well, except for Veronica, who's still wondering if this will maybe involve target practice and is looking around for the guns. Fred introduces them to the instructor, and then informs them that they will not be doing a tandem jump, where you are strapped to an instructor. He asks who has done a tandem jump before, and about half of them raise their hands. Then he asks if anyone has done a solo jump, and none of them have. That's what they'll be doing today. Fred emphasizes that they will learn how to handle it on their own, and that the primary concern is safety. Unlike the producers, whose primary concern is hoping someone gets hurt so they can sell the video to World's Worst Skydiving Accidents.

As the cast members fill out some paperwork, Kat informs us that the final mission has more risks than previous missions, and we see a shot of a warning label telling us that skydiving can result in injury or death. Heather tells us that she read the release form and basically it said, "You agree to stuff because you can be killed," and seeing the word "killed" on the paper freaked her out. Okay, we get it. It's dangerous. They might get hurt. Can we move on now?

Apparently not, because then we get to see the instructor showing the teams the main parachute and the reserve parachute. Veronica asks what happens if the reserve parachute doesn't open and the instructor says, "You would die." Hey, could someone die or be killed on this mission? I think that's what they're saying, but it's so subtle that I can't quite tell. Piggy sets me straight by saying that on this mission, she could end up with a car that she really needs, or she could die.

The cast members try out their parachutes while Heather tells us that there are a lot of instructions to remember, and she's going to "pray real hard." Back on the bus, Heather tells everyone that they were meant to be together, and she has to jump, and there's a reason for everything, blah blah blah destinycakes. Dan says he's not sure he should be listening to Jim Croce on his headphones, since he died in a plane crash. Dude, my MOM listens to Jim Croce. Whatever hip is, Dan is the opposite of that. Veronica says they need to figure out their jumping order, and she doesn't want to go first because she's not as confident about it. Holly says she doesn't want to jump without Dan. You know, I've refrained from picking on Holly too much, because unlike lots of people in the forums, I don't hate her. But get a spine! Even if Dan didn't have a girlfriend, do you think he's really going to want someone clinging to him all the time? Get an identity of your own!

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