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End Game

Back at the hotel, Los-er tells us it is their last day of trading on E*Trade, which I was wondering about since they've only mentioned it like twice this whole season. A graphic informs us that the RR team won $60,000 and earned $7,524 on investments, which is a 12% return. I calculated the percentage myself! Los-er and Yes execute one last trade and make $500 in two hours, or so they say. Kat tells us they were pretty conservative in their trading, as a graphic tells us that the RW team won $40,000 and earned $985, for a 2.5% return. They could have done better putting it in a savings account! Well, at least they didn't lose money. Annoying tells us that after seven hours in the hospital, she learned she suffered a concussion and a sprained ankle. Dude, I got both of those things on a camping trip one time and still hiked out the next day! She is such a wimp. She tries to downplay it, by saying, "Could I get hurt on, like, every mission please? Oh wait, that happened." As if she didn't overdramaticize any of her injuries to get attention or get out of missions. I will grant her the smoke inhalation in the demolition derby mission, especially since she already has asthma. And yes, a sprained ankle hurts a lot. But the forearm injury during the football game? Come on! And let's not even talk about her vomiting because of the pig's feet. No, really, let's not talk about it.

We see lots of hugs and pictures being taken, and Los-er informs us that they are leaving today, and everyone "seems to be in peaceful spirits." Annoying's hair gets stuck in Heather's earring when she goes in for a hug, and Kat has to disengage her. Heather is first to go, and she tries to slip off without any lengthy good-byes, but Piggy and Mike force her into hugs. Heather says she hates good-byes, and Annoying yells out that she loves her. Heather yells back, "Shut up, Amaya! Shut up! I hate you!" Oh, how I wish she were serious. Heather tells us she's done with Real World and she probably is, unless they have a mega-reunion. We see a montage of shots from the season: bungee jumping; Yes and David wrestling; Teck jumping into the mud at the Redneck Games; Teck dressed as a woman. Teck tells us that "money is the greatest motivator in the world -- money and sex." We see a clip of Piggy dunking for pigs' feet while she tells us this trip has made her feel more secure about herself and she's "rediscovered [her] bad-ass-ness. It's great!" Los-er tells us he can actually delight in discovering other people. Ah, another person rehabilitated by Bunim-Murray. Is there no problem they cannot solve? Piggy speaks directly to Los-er, saying he pulled through.

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