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End Game

As we see a clip of Kat bungee jumping, Kat tells us the trip has given her "a little bit of [her] shine back," and she's feeling more like Kat than she has in a long time. I like Kat. Oh, good Lord. We see the clip of Annoying being chased around the ring by a little person while her breasts bounce out of control. I was hoping I would never have to witness that spectacle again. Annoying says she had a blast, and "it helped turn around the crap that happened in Hawaii." Maybe for her, but not for me! Actually, by the end of Hawaii, I was starting to feel sorry for her, and now I hate her again, so I guess that is a turnaround. Dan says coming on the shows has allowed him to "free himself and take more risks" as we see a shot of him dressed as a woman and kissing Yes. I guess those risks don't include listening to music made in the past twenty years, though. I can't get over the Jim Croce thing, I'm sorry. Does anyone really care what Mike thinks about the experience? Okay, fine. We see him making a lewd comment to Kat, and then saying that he didn't expect anything but money, and instead he made five new friends. I guess the people on the other team are not his friends. David says he has gotten to do some cool things, and he hopes to show the tapes to his kids someday to show them how "out of his mind" he was when he was younger. Heather says she learned a lot about patience, while we see her talking to Annoying. Ha! Veronica says she didn't have a lot of self-esteem while on Semester at Sea, and this trip has taught her to "love [herself] a little bit more." Raise your hand if you think Veronica couldn't love herself any more than she already does. Yeah, that's what I thought. Holly blathers on and on about Dan, and how great he is. I think they're trying to say she's interested in Dan. What do you guys think? Again, they show the clip from earlier this season where Holly starts crying when she was talking about Dan. Shut up, Holly! Everyone hugs some more. Most of the cast members left load into a van to go to the airport. Dan is sad. Piggy wonders who's going to pay attention to her now, and that pretty much encapsulates the Bunim-Murray experience doesn't it? Whenever you wonder why someone who has already been through the BMP wringer once would volunteer to do it again, just remember that sentence from Piggy. They take one final cast photo, and the credits roll.

Over the closing credits, Teck does a freestyle rap at the request of his fellow castmates. I'm sure they really had to beg to get him to do it. It's about his grandmother, and how she "whupped his ass" when he did something wrong. Then there's a weird edit and he's talking about someone who just had a baby, which I guess could be his grandmother, but it seems strange that his grandmother could still have a baby. I mean, mathematically, I guess it's possible, but due to the edit, I think he's talking about someone else. Anyway, he's going to see this baby as soon as the show is over. Everyone high-fives him, and we're out. Whew! I'll see you all in June when the next season of Real World begins in the Big Easy!

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